Recipe: Winter “Sushi”


“Sushi” because these don’t contain any rice, fish, or soy sauce. BUT they still taste amazing and are jam-packed with only good, nutrient-packed ingredients. These are definitely a heartier/winter version, but making these reminds me of summer like craaazy. When I was still in high school, my mom would make a similar version, and we’d pack ’em up and put them in our bike baskets to take to picnics or concerts in the park. Super fun to make since there are endless possibilities of fillings and also just a super easy way to get in those nutrients! Win win.

I do have to say that these are probably better when eaten right away, rather than sitting in the fridge for a few days, because you tend to lose the crunch with all of the moisture from the ingredients.




I used these nori wraps, and the bamboo sushi mat is totally optional. You can make the rolls without it if you don’t have one!


1 | Chop up the fillings and place on a plate.

2 | Halve the ingredients and blend the dry ingredients in a food processor. Make sure not to over blend so there is still some crunchy texture.

3 | Add in the “liquid” ingredients (lemon, beets, sweet potato) and blend. Adding these later prevents the base from becoming a pure paste.

4 | Place the base in a bowl and start forming your sushi! What I did was lay out the wraps, took a spoonfull of the base and spread it on one side of the wrap, added a few drops of the aminos (for the salty flavor), and then added all of my fillings and rolled it up! Using wax paper or sandwich wrapping paper is the best bet when keeping these stored in the fridge. Anything that won’t soak up all the moisture and stick to the actual wrap when you go in to eat it is going to be what you want.




Internet Things



1Dinner tonight is going to be something warm, and involving the bok choy that I received at my doorstep this morning. It’s currently in the mid 50’s in San Diego right now! Brrrrr

2 | Hanger is a very real thing. 3 words: blood glucose levels.

3 | Really really into using oils for removing makeup lately. My face doesn’t feel like it’s being stripped of the good stuff anymore and I go to bed with baby-butt level soft skin.

4 | I can’t explain my obsession with Apple Cider Vinegar enough. My mom thinks I’m a crazy person for taking a shot of it every morning. Now, it’s shown to have even more benefits if taken right before bed.

5 | “Soft Skills”- what are they, and tips on how to showcase them from a LinkedIn recruiter’s POV.

| Ummm dream bedroom. Think garden shed meets greenhouse meets magical fairy bedroom. I can just imagine waking up early to a foggy morning and sipping coffee watching that morning light come in. Ahhhhhh ❤

7 | Tom and Gisele’s chef gives the couples’ favorite recipes for superbowl Sunday.

| Don’t know if this is new, but ASOS now sells a tooonnn of active wear. Leggings are life so I love these and these, and thisssss sports bra! Also kind of digging this woven look for a workout shoe.

Catchin’ Up

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This past week/weekend was another good one, and when you have a good weekend, it makes the week ahead just a little bit better. Not that I have anything extremely stressful on my plate right now, but still…The soccer game yesterday was so fun (although extremely hot) and kind of nostalgic to be honest. I definitely need to join an intramural team when I’m back from Australia. My friend actually ended up being really sick throughout the game (we might have pulled over once on the way home…) and it turns out she has the flu. We assumed it was just an extreme case of a hangover or something but nope nope. I felt soo so bad you guys.

I ended Sunday watching the sunset with my parents, where we were able to see perfect outlines of both San Clemente AND Catalina it was so friggin clear. If you live in SD, you know how rare that is. Love me some santa ana weather. I later watched Mad Max for the first time before bed (don’t know why) and I don’t recommend it. Not that it was super bad or anything but just a very very weird movie…ANYWHO, this week will be spent making sure I didn’t catch anything and staying hydrated AF. Wish me luck!

Things to look forward to this week:

I’m grabbing coffee with a girl from Brisbane (my first stop in Australia) on Friday who’s going to give me a few pointers/recommendations which I’m excited about. Apparently her parents live right outside the city! Tomorrow my parents leave for a month in Antarctica, leaving me in charge of the house and some business-related tasks I’ll be doing for my dadI’m going to make it a point this week to head to the North Park Farmer’s Market on Thursday to pick up some goods and maybe grab drinks and tacos at Lucha Libre with a friend. Their entire theme/aesthetic is hilarious, plus they serve their nachos inside a mini boxing ring so that’s an entire argument to go right there.

Some snapshots from the weekend:

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Love/hate relationship with Kayla Itsines.

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Sunday Music Roundup

Hello helloooo!

Today I’m going to the Mens U.S. soccer game against Serbia and I am SO pumped. I’ve never watched a live professional game before so it should be pretty fun. I’ve got a prettty good playlist this week if I do say so myself, and if you want to see my workout/pregame/chill/summer/etc. playlists just check out my Spotify. I’m a music-aholic and update these probably way too often but they’re my little pride and joys so check ’em out!

“Surefire” by John Legend is so good. Found it via his live performance of it below. Missy Elliott’s new song is so badass, as well as Kendrick Lamar’s “m.A.A.d city.” I’m obsessed. And then again, Kehlani’s new album just came out, I mentioned this in my last post but I’m really into it so far.

See you guys mañana ❤

Made My Week

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From my walk the other day. Those colors thoooo ❤

Some highlights from the past couple of days that have made this week just a liiiittle bit better than normal:


The Affair

I’m obsessed with this show.  I’m no specialist in this stuff, but I love any show/movie with good cinematography and some good ol’ drama (an affair and murder to be exact). It’s set in Montauk/NYC so it kinda draws you in just based off the locations. I’ve been binge-watching season 3 every night and let me just say, this season is extra extra spicy if ya know what I mean. Like ghost pepper hot sauce compared to season 2’s mild Cholula. 

Mona-Jane, aka: Roca Moon

This girl is a New Zealand Native who now lives in Hawaii with her adorable family and she has the most killer body I’ve ever seen. If I could have goals summed up into one person/Instagram this would be it. 

Make your mornings a little bit better

This is probably sabotaging your mornings and ya don’t even know it. I’ve been waiting at least 30 minutes before reaching for it and it makes a surprisingly huge difference in my mood.

Rosehip Seed Oil:

I gave in to the hype and i’ve been using this for a couple of days now as full makeup remover, putting it in my hair, and best of all: as a highlighter. When I finish my makeup i’ll dab this onto the top of my cheekbones/brow/cupids bow and it’s just amazing. And also helping with the squint-lines around the eyes which makes it that much better. I”m obsessed.

Being Well

Interesting little article on predicting Well-Being based off of certain Personality Traits.

Kehlani’s New Album

I am obsessed with this girl’s voice. She’s like an even more badass/ghetto version of Jojo or something. P.S. for those who still remember Jojo…I appreciate you.  I’ve been following Kehlani since around 2014 or so and I’m soooo happy she’s making it big cause her voice is fireeee. Need to see her at Coachella this year!!

Wellness: The Nut Butter Breakdown

Almond butter slathered on top of crisp apple slices or a little peanut butter swirled into my hot morning oatmeal are some of my favorite things to eat. Nut butters are everywhere these days and have been clearly growing in popularity within the food world. You’ve got peanut, almond, sunflower, cashew, and even brazil nut and hazelnut butter. Pretty much put any nut/seed into a food processor and you’ve got             butter. Since the most relevant and well-known right now are almond, sunflower and peanut, I’m going to break them down for those who want to know more about their basic nutrition and how exactly you are feeding your body next time you eat one of them below. Honestly I was really curious because I’d never known the real difference either, so here we are haha.


The consensus

All of these guys, especially sunflower seed butter, contain good, monounsaturated fats. These are great for lowering bad cholesterol while raising the good, and they are amazing for overall brain + cognitive function since our brain is mostly made up of fats. In regards to which one is the best for you overall health-wise, I’d say it just depends. All of them have healthy amounts of protein, fat and carbs, along with other things such as Vitamin E and selenium, just different amounts depending on the butter. Personally, I believe Almond butter to be overall #1 because of it’s percentages of magnesium, calcium, and iron, while also maintaining the pretty similar levels of fat and calories with the other two. Taste-wise, the winner hands down goes to sunflower seed butter.

Remember: When you buy your next nut/seed butter make sure to buy it in it’s most pure form. Aka: little to no additives. Those tend to sneak in there among certain brands and it just adds to the calorie/sugar intake that you didn’t ask for!


Road Trip Essentials

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After having been on a giant 3 week road trip around the entire island of Iceland last May, driving multiple times up the coast for soccer tournaments,  going on various solo trips up and down the east coast last summer, and my most recent cross-country trip from D.C. to San Diego in August, I can shamelessly say I have a pretty great list of essentials you’d need for a road trip – or at least that I definitely can’t live without:


1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12

1 | Smart Car Charger – GAME CHANGER. For those of you who only use the USB plug that your car already comes with…nononono. Those take no joke, about 15x longer. I did not know this until I was in my mom’s car with 50% battery and drove 15 minutes and my phone was around 85-90%. Magic I tell you.

2 | Aux cord – This really doesn’t need an explanation, right? Road trips and music are pretty much a package deal so having an aux cord is an unspoken necessity.

3 | Download your playlists before hitting the road – Maybe this serves only to the Spotify users out there BUT it will save you from pauses in the middle of streaming songs when you’re driving through the middle of nowhere. Plus if you’re trying to save data, then you can go on Airplane mode and still have music available to you!

4 | Roadtrippers App – Discovered this little gem (which is also available to use on your computer) before heading off on my cross-country road trip in August. Basically, you plug in your destination and the app will give you various points of interest depending on what you’d like to see along the way. This includes: historical sites, parks, hotels, famous landmarks, you name it. And you can bookmark/save them ahead of time for when you really want to plan out your trip in detail.

5 | Yelp App – Basic but so so helpful. Plus, depending on the place, if you check in you can get a free drink/discount/save a little money. Perfect for those on a budget.

6 | Waze App – Another basic that you might already have, but again, extremely helpful. Amazing for when you need to know upcoming traffic, cops ahead, and especially for hearing about incidents that haven’t been reported on regular map apps.

7 | Weather Channel App – Not the weather app that comes with your iPhone, but the actual Weather Channel app. You can see radars of cloud movement/rain/wind, future forecasts, and it is 10 times more reliable than the basic iPhone weather app.

8 | Snacks – Top 3 most important tip I have for you. Some of my goto’s are turkey slices, apples, carrots + hummus,  and popcorn. Also, lollipops are amazing (and very underrated). They’re my personal favorite for keeping your mouth busy and that occasional sweet tooth happy when gum isn’t doing it. Snacks will save you lots of $$ and because you packed them, you know you won’t be disappointed when you get hangry.

9 | Gum – And I’m talkin’ like packs on packs of gum. If you’re traveling with people especially, then go for the excessive amounts of gum route cause you know how that goes…

10 | Mini cooler + Ziplock Baggies – Cooler to put the snacks/cold drinks in. And ziplock bags to fill with ice to keep everything cool. When the ice melts, refill them with some ice from the soda fountain inside a 7Eleven or someplace similar.

11| Water – actually this is the most important I think. Bring 1 to 2 huge giant refillable water bottles and you’re set. Just cause you’re sitting for a few hours doesn’t mean you can forget to stay hydrated!

12 | Sunscreen – I have this fear as of lately about wrinkles + sunspots + aging in general, and I can remember getting burnt multiple times on my neck and chest while driving during those hours right before sunset when the sun is riiighht in that sweet spot where you just can’t hide from it. Side-note: Growing up I NEVER wore sunscreen because of the sh*t they put into the stuff, so I blame my fear of being in the sun too much now on the fact that I never really protect myself from it when I was younger. I even joked to my mom about buying driving gloves to avoid hand wrinkles the other day (she laughed…then I did, too). Sooo now I lather that good sunscreen all over those vulnerable areas. Or I just wear more protective clothing. This all sounds psycho but you need to think longterm!!

Weekend/Travel Plans | UPDATE

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This weekend involved lots and lots of rain, coffee, football, a power outage, and my good friend Tito (if you know, you know…).Of course it went by waay too fast and I don’t want the rain to leave! If you don’t already know, it never rains over here in San Diego so it’s pretty exciting.

Weekend Update: Besides getting two cavities filled on Thursday, the rest of the weekend only went up from there. Friday was spent soaking up the rainy weather and doing a whole lot of nothing. Went through some old photos I hadn’t seen since I don’t even know when, and found some gems. Those awkward phases are a very real thing. Saturday I went for a looong walk along the cliffs (where a guy pulled over to give me his card for something about trying some items from his clothing line he owns so that was interesting…) My mom and I did a little bit of shopping and then later that night I went to my friend’s house for a little party where I learned you could make a drinking game from a pizza box. Learning new + important things everyday, guys…The next day I met up with the same group and ate some brunch (that the guys slaved over making all morning might I add haha) until around 2-ish. The rest of the day was spent at home watching football and waiting out a power outage.

Future Travels/Life Update:  My sister is officially coming with me to Australia!! She’ll be meeting me in Sydney, so I’ll be doing Brisbane solo which I’m really excited about. My plan is to go to Brisbane > Sydney > Melbourne > New Zealand. Reaching out today to everyone I know via mutual friends who are in a few of these places and to do some research about WWOOFing in the South Island of New Zealand. Have any of you done it/know of anyone?? Regarding February, it’s going to consist of a weekend trip to Mammoth for my friends birthday, CRSSD Festival in Downtown SD, and going to the USA vs. Serbia soccer game (low key soooo excited about this).

There’s also been talk about doing Coachella again and going on a girls trip to Kauai with some friends in May. I did a girls trip senior year of high school after graduation and it was hands down one of the most fun trips I’ve ever been on.. The ball is starting to get rolling on things coming up and I cannot waaaiiittt!

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Couldn’t describe us any better: cats, abalone, pigtails, soccer shorts.

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This never happens!!!


Sunday Roundup

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Hope everyone’s weekend flew by a little slower than mine seemed to. From Lady Antebellum to 3LAU, I’ve got a pretty odd roundup today. Straight up cannot stop listening to Electric by Alina Baraz. I swear you guys, blasting this in my car with this rainy weather and cruising the cliffs with a coffee in my hand (important detail) these past few mornings before the day gets going, is my idea of meditation/yoga/whatever you want to call it. Puts me in the best mood + headspace.

Gonna be catching up on the status of my future travel schedule/general personal stuff tomorrow so stay tuned.


Wellness: Hyaluronic Acid

hyaluronic-acid-headerIf you’re a girl, and you’ve searched around for the best ingredients you should be using in a face moisturizer/serum, there’s a good chance this is something you’ve heard of. That was me the other day, digging through reviews, ingredient lists, etc. etc. of products that contain hyaluronic acid for it’s amazing skin-enhancing qualities I’ve heard over and over about when I ran out of my other stuff.

But then I thought-what exactly is it? And why is this the one ingredient skin specialists say you should absolutely look for to add to your daily routine if anything when it comes to skin-enhancing products?

Welllll this is what I discovered:


P.S. If you’re curious, this is the stuff I just bought! Soo excited to try it, I’ve heard really good things.

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