A Few Hours in: Westport, CT

A few days into being in NY and seeing some friends in the city I decided to head up north to Boston/Rhode Island for a few days. On my way up I headed into Westport, CT to check out where my college roommate grew up!

Pic of one of the pretty tunnels I went through (minus some biotch woman flipping me off for going the speed limit, aka: too slow) entering into Connecticut.


First stop: Terrain

Okay guys, this place. If I could live in any store, this would be it hands down. Also, this post is basically only about Terrain because I didn’t really spend time anywhere else/nor did I want to…Think: Plants EVERYWHERE, healthy cafe/restaurant inside and outside seating, amazing light fixtures, candles/soaps/lotions/Jack Rudy cocktail products /plant related books and decor, etc!!! Perfection all around.

Pretty sure I was in there for at least a solid hour and a half. I would’ve eaten at the cafe but I was on a tight schedule and wasn’t super hungry.

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Had my first ever Bartaco experience afterwards. The location is right along the water which was super beautiful and right outside of downtown (I think).

The tacos are teeeenie! The really nice NY couple sitting next to me gave me some pro menu tips and we got to talking about traveling and NYC in general. I figure I’d be curious too if I saw a girl with a camera sitting at a table, ordering tacos and rose all by herself haha. We both agreed that there are so many hidden gems all around NY and as crowded as it is, there’s really no place like it. Their son was around my age and was apparently traveling around Europe post-graduation at the same time so that was cool to hear. I’m not alone!

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
They use crispy whole tortillas as the chips – genius!

After some tacos and guac I drove along the water for a bit to see the houses. The beaches are so tiny and pretty and the houses are really beautiful, more upscale homey vibes if that makes sense? haha. Cute little town though for sure.


Wish I had more time to really investigate and explore the cute neighborhoods/coffee shops.

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