A Few Hours in: Kansas City, MO

A few hours after leaving Columbia, MO we arrived in KC! This place has been on my bucket list for quite some time so it was exciting to finally see it in person.

At first driving into the city it was  a lot like driving into Charleston, SC or even San Diego because of the somewhat sketchy surrounding neighborhoods but once we were in it was gorgeous. Lots of brick buildings, clean roads, and good weather which is always a plus.

First stop: Nelson Atkins Museum

Not only is the art amazing, but the museum itself was so beautiful! Could’ve spent an entire day in there. If I were to go again I would definitely grab some lunch and have a picnic on their huge lawn.

Anyone else think a place’s bathroom says a lot about them? I really liked the museum’s bathroom sorry not sorryyyy


Had to..
Obsessed with Native American art/design.
So cool


Big brick buildings and blue skies!

Met an old friend for lunch at Mixx before heading on the road again. A great make-your-own salad place with TONS of options. Really really good!


One of the best parts about road-tripping around the US is realizing how many people you know in all of these random places! I love connecting up with people I haven’t seen in years. And if i’m ever in their area or vice-versa I know I have someone to hang with!

If I were to have more time in KC I would hit up:

Unbakery, Loose Park, and Oddly Correct Coffee Shop!

Next stop: Colorado!

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