Internet Things

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Hanalei Bay

^ Picture from yesterday on the North Side

I’ll probably do a post like this every week with some links to videos/articles and what not that i’ve bookmarked. I landed on calling it “internet things” because that’s really all it is. The internet is compiled of millions of stuff and info, some of which I find unique and share-worthy. So, when I find certain things that stick out to me it’s kind of exciting! Thought other people might find them interesting as well 🙂

  1. Real recommendations from anonymous stylists/waiters etc. on how much you should really be tipping. (Am I the only one that is always googling correct tip amounts after my appointments?!) $$$$
  2. Kinda digging these frayed jeans!
  3. Love this article about increasing your energy besides the obvious- a good nights sleep. Completely agree with increasing mineral intake (hi magnesium!) and giving your lymphatic system a break (bye 4 cups of coffee a day!)
  4. Yes yes and yes (#1 and #5- it’s really that simple people) 
  5. Making this nut milk tomorrow since these nuts are everywhere in Hawaii (which is where i currently am) and i’m already obsessed with my homemade cashew milk in my coffee everyday anyways!! – will post the recipe soonnnn!
  6. TED talk about why you should talk to strangers. So on point with the liberating sensation and humanizing affect it has on people ❤

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