Current Obsessions

Happy October 1st!

^From this morning when I was doing chores around the house. Batman finally came around to giving me some love! Success. 

Currently stressing out over getting my wisdom teeth out on Thursday. Honestly just scared of them putting the needle in my arm for the anesthesia hahaha #needlephobiclikenoother

– Amazon Clay face mask. I feel like every girl has this though? Works like magic.

–  This blending sponge.

– Scrunchies. Why did these ever go out of style again? Keeps your hair in place AND doesn’t kink it. I’ve been wearing mine legit every day since getting it as a freebee with a purchase the other day.

–  These classic bikini bottoms. For some reason they are flattering on every butt and are very  classic surfer chick-esque!

– Finally found an organic deodorant I actually like! I feel like some of the natural ones pull the B.O. out of me I swear haha

– This is lip stain. The BESTTT. Perfectly “wine” stained lips ❤

Next on my list to try and find is a perfect night time skin lightening cream/dark spot treatment! I get the worst freckles/melasma  even if i’m in the sun for only 30 minutes.


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