Internet Things

Happy Thursday!

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Starting a vegetable garden in our backyard at home! Future updates/posts to come. 

A little precursor: by the time you see this post, i’ll have gotten my wisdom teeth out and will be recovering on my couch with Netflix and a smoothie by my side. Wish me luck!!!

– Next time i’m in Iceland I want to hit every one of these!

– I’ve been super curious about the trend with medicinal mushrooms and their benefits such as blood oxygenation, managing stress levels and immune-boosting powers so when I found this post I really want to order some!!

– Calling BS on the need for “safe spaces.” **insert clapping emoji**

 – Bye Pumpkin spiced everything! Kinda want to try more recipes involving chai! I’ve always associated chai with chai lattes which are loaded with sugar, but obviously the spice can be pretty versatile in many other foods/drinks.

– I used to have the BIGGEST crush on Ian Eastwood when I would watch dance videos 24/7. But you can see for yourself as to why with this video….#masterofsmooth<3

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