Nicoise Salad


About time I posted this. It’s only been like 4 weeks since I made this aammazing nicoise salad. These salads are SO easy, they just look hard because it’s a lot of stuff. You can basically figure out what you need to make it by just looking at a picture of one off of google. EASY PEASY.

What you’ll need: red tomatoes, baby potatoes, hard-boiled eggs, steamed green beans, romaine/butter lettuce, fresh tuna, kalamata olives, cucumbers

Dressing: Olive oil, salt+pepper, drizzle of honey, lemon, ACV, basil

Mind you, i didn’t put any exact amounts because it’s totally up to you as to how big you want to make each portion of each ingredient for the salad. Some people don’t like a ton of tomatoes, or tons of green beans, you get the point…


Just drizzled some avocado oil, salt and pepper on these bad boys



Just this ahi dipped in a Sriracha/mayo aioli is bomb. If you just frowned while seeing the word “mayo”..then read this article. It’s all about portioning, peeps.


The less dressing the better in my opinion. The lemon/salt/pepper are all you need because you don’t want to interfere with all of the other flavor bombs happening on the plate. With that said, bone apple tea*!!!

(*Bon Appetite-i’m so funny i know i know)

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