Creative Spaces

I believe the perfect recipe for a great creative space is:

  • Dimensional
  • Incorporates nature
  • Mood Lighting
  • Minimalistic
  • Comfortable
  • Nostalgia

And by “creative space” I’m mostly referring to coffee shops. Some of the best I’ve been to have just about every element I listed above. They might have various nooks for if you want privacy, some plants hanging around or a vine-covered wall, cozy couches, large work tables, and nice lighting whether that be bright or dark and moody.

I don’t know one person that doesn’t find comfort in a good coffee shop. And I love that they are spaces so much more than just a place to grab a cup of joe. People can get their creative juices flowing, strategize on projects or ideas, finish some work, or spark up a conversation with a random stranger. If you talk to any of my close friends or family you’ll know that coffee shops are the first things I seek out when I’m in a new place. Why? They really say a lot about a city! Especially if you find one of the gems that all the locals go to.

Charleston, with its endless amount of coffee shops around, I think really triggered this obsession of mine. I promise one day I’ll be a proud owner of a cafe or some similar space that provides this sort of creative atmosphere for people! These pictures might give you some idea into what I’m talking about:

Kudu in Charleston = a dream

I went to Kudu at least twice a week. Spent a lot of my monthly spending money here #sorrynotsorry

Is their outdoor patio not the most welcoming and cozy thing you’ve seen? The hidden aspect of it (behind a wall on a tiny side street downtown) and its Secret Garden vibes play the biggest factors I think as to why it’s the favorite among locals.


OH, brick. Whether it’s new or part of the old architecture, that is another thing people are drawn to and adds that authentic factor to the space.


Mood lighting


Rustic interior/building +modern furniture+ plants everywhere = great combo.


I believe magic happens when you can make a heavy industrial designed interior look extremely airy and light.

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