Internet Things

Hi hi! I was going to do a post on the conference today, but I wanted to make sure it was good quality and not too overwhelmed with all of the info that was poured onto (into??) me during those two days. It was so inspiring and really confirmed for me that my passion does lie within the boutique hotel and wellness industry.

But for now, onto all things internet!

Watch: Kings of Leon covers Selena’s “Hands to Myself.” I personally think it’s better than the original.

Get Inspired: A photographer’s kick-starter called: “Street Vendors from Above” documents the vibrant colors and life of the Vietnamese street vendors with photos taken from a birds POV. Sooo pretty i’m obsessed!!

Travel: This year, Icelander’s will be outnumber by tourists. Not surprised one little bit seeing that the local horses already outnumber them by a landslide.

Wellness: Legit reasons why you should sleep naked.

Design Inspo: Anyone else obsessed with Bri from Design Love Fest and her funky style??? I love all of these bedroom interiors.

Omg: Did anyone else hear about Anthony Bourdain’s new project?!! This market is going to be insane with 100 vendors from all over the globe, and of course it’ll be in NY because where else.

Pop Culture: most popular halloween costume predictions for 2016. I have a feeling we’ll be seeing number 48 everywhere.

Cute: This guy creates child-like illustrations that anyone can relate to <3. I like these:


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