Design Inspiration

Ever since the BLLA conference last week I can’t stop thinking about sustainable design and architecture. I recently went into an internet browsing black hole and couldn’t get out for a while looking for some inspiration and came upon some really cool buildings (which i’ve bookmarked and will be posting about in the future) but this one really stuck with me. Not exactly 100% sustainable and eco-friendly but I am obsessed with the old + new design concept plus how clean the entire look is. The original house is from the 1820’s and took 4 years to revamp! Ch-ch-check it out:

P.S.: I think i’ve found a new love within the architecture/design world?? Not mad about it…

The Floating Farmhouse, New York

mmffrearskycropss160426_rounds_-42160427_rounds_-254lrcropped160427_rounds_-324-2image_58          image_87160427_rounds_-290image_63image_119


So fresh and so clean, clean. But honestly simplicity is everything.

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