Internet Things

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Happy belated Halloween from this mad scientist/crazy cat lady!


Wellness: I guess there actually is some method to their madness behind “morning people.” Maybe one day i’ll learn…

Cool: An L.A. home casually built around an enormous tree.

Make: The BEST coconut yogurt, made by the homies over at Greenheart Juice Shop!

Dreaming: “All you need is blue” photo project by Francois Peyranne. If this doesn’t make you want to go on vacation then I don’t know what will.

Learn: “Australians, from Generation Z through to Baby Boomers, rank happiness as the top measure of success.”- Maybe us American’s could learn a little thing or two from these Aussies.

Food News: America…wait for it….has TOO much cheese. 1.2 billion pounds in excess to be exact.

Work + Personal Growth: Good article on executing ideas and actually making them come to life.

Lol wut: Russians are weird man. Coffee is being sold on the dark net because buying it in stores is way too mainstream, obviously.

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