Design Inspo

I’ve realized that i’m SUCH a visual person. I love looking at beautiful pictures almost as much as listening to music. Almost… nothing beats music though, ever. So naturally, when i’m browsing tons of design websites or pretty architecture, it seriously soothes my brain and makes me soo happy hahaha. Hence, today i have a seriously stunning boutique hotel in China that I came across.

Bamboo Courtyard Teahouse


I’m all about the boutique hotel industry in that you can implement the local culture into the design and immerse the guest in that. And that’s exactly what they did here:

Tea is one of China’s most precious cultural heritages and has remained popular for thousands of years. A traditional Chinese tea ceremony requires an unassuming setting in order to appreciate its lengthy process. The bamboo courtyard provides the ideal surroundings for this experience, emphasizing the underlying importance of design and architecture. “

Super cool.


Imagine how good the morning and evening light is in this place! The shadows from the bamboo and lines of the building must make this place look


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