Favorite Plant-based Proteins

This week I decided to try going vegan. Why? No reason honestly, except to see if my body reacts well. Maybe I’ll get more glowy skin, ditch sugar cravings, who really knows. I did this for a few days when I lived in D.C. and I just remember it being so easy, but I wasn’t paying enough attention to how my body was reacting both mentally and physically so that’s what i’m doing this time! Maybe even more than a week because why not…

The big part for me in veganism is the protein aspect. I workout a lot and I know my body needs carbs and protein or else I will seriously have the worrrst, most fatigued workouts ever, (and get moody) which is no fun. I know I get plenty of carbs from the fruit I eat all day, starchy veggies, and beans, but regarding the protein aspect: People usually stay away from meatless diets because animal meats have complete proteins, aka: they contain the essential amino acids we need that our bodies can’t produce on it’s own. So, I’ve made a list of the plants that provide plenty of protein, AND when combined with one another, they create these essential amino acids we need.

This list is comprised of the ones I personally eat the most.

As a reference:

1 egg = 6 grams of protein


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