Political Side Note

Political side note to whomever:

This week has been pretty intense to say the least. It is clear to me that most people are scared (especially my generation) and unsure of the future. Which I understand! But I believe we need to relax, take a step back, and realize that more than anything, the media has hyped this election up to be something that generates these negative images and instills this fear in all of us because a reaction is what makes their business go ’round. Of course Trump isn’t this great person with zero flaws and yes he has said some pretty brutal stuff, I know that trust me. But no, I don’t see him as this heartless monster.

Personally: Based on how racial tension has blown up since our previous prez was elected, the struggle with cutting taxes hasn’t improved, and how conservatism has gotten this negative image among the eyes of millennials…I believe Trump will bring something new and different to the table which I personally believe our country needs, desperately. New and different is not a bad thing. He’s not a known politician? GOOD. He has firm opinions and isn’t passive about issues? ABOUT TIME. All i can say is i’m excited for a new kind of leader and that it’s important for each and every person to do their own, personal research about the issues from unbiased sources. Don’t gather your information from these Vogue articles, talk shows, or even your favorite celebs. There is a reason we have elected this man as our president, and I think he will be able to prove the doubters wrong.

I just want people to stop hating and begin understanding. Be open-minded and don’t follow the hate train simply because it’s the easy route and everyone else is doing it. Challenge your point of views to understand others’ and think rationally. And as always: To each his own: opinion, beliefs, decisions, etc.

~ End Mini Rant ~

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