Christmas Gifting | 2

I’ve completely been lagging in the Christmas gift guides I was promising you!! My B. I’ve already come up with a few ideas for the next one I’ll be posting Saturday so don’t ya worry.

It’s Tuesday morning here on Kauai and I’m hoping the rain will subside a little. If not, then I might do a little grocery shopping, clothing shopping, maybe even some christmas shopping!  I plan on grabbing some coffee and a cute key chain I was eyeing from Warehouse 3540 in Lawai at some point today for sure. Hope everyone has a good day!

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  1.  I’m obsessed with these reusable wraps made with beeswax instead of that nasty saran wrap. Yay for environmentally friendly goodzzz.
  2. I’m all about that high-waisted yoga pant life (that aren’t see through…) ya know what I mean? Plus the color block pattern I thought was real cute.
  3. These natural powders that come in various forms from Kauai (!) have adaptogens in them which are key in reducing stress and toxins in the body. I sprinkle the “kauai chai” in my coffee every morning and I notice I don’t get the jitters nearly as badly as I normally would!
  4. Perfect black booties, in my opinion. The height of them isn’t too high but also not too kitty-heel esque.
  5. Natural mascara (vegan apparently!) because that stuff goes straight into your system when you put it on.
  6. Laptop keyboard cleaning brush! I legit get my keyboard so dirty from eating next to it/carrying it around in a dirty purse a lot so this would come in handy.
  7. MY FAVORITE ITEM ON THE LIST: This clean and nail-friendly gel nail polish!! You can even get one that doesn’t require LED lighting ooohhh yeaaah.
  8. Thanks to my sister and Lauryn Evarts for giving me hope, and whoever out there with the same problem, with conquering the “freckle mustache.” Need to get this serum ASAP.

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