Christmas Gifting | 3

Hope everyone is having an amazing Saturday so far! I’m planning on going to the gym in a bit (it’s currently 9am here btw), then beach with a friend since the sun finally decided to say hello, and eventually end up helping a bit with my grandparents move later this afternoon!

This gift guide is definitely having a beachy moment so bear with me. I know people on the east coast are currently dealing with cold and snowy weather so i’m sorry if it’s not super super relevant to you haha.

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  1. More upscale jogger pants with openings on the side would be perfect for those chill days when you don’t wanna throw on the same old yoga leggings but still want to be cozy.
  2. This cute lil portable speaker would be d.o.p.e. for the beach when you don’t want to bring some expensive speakers from home.
  3.  These sandals from Etsy are so cute and make me want to throw on a maxi dress and cruise the farmers market.
  4. I’m obsessed with this cactus clutch. Come with a strap and is decently sized so you can fit all the goods.
  5. MOST IMPORTANT because I lost my car keys this past September when I was road-tripping along the east coast and this tile chip could’ve been very handy and saved me about 400 bucks…lesson learned.
  6. I’ve been obsessed with these towels for a few years now. So so much more logical than the basic towel in my opinion.
  7. Good for the avid traveler who’s constantly on their phone and needs that extra charge.
  8. I’m super curious about these Jade Facial Rollers for slimming and massaging the face. I would love this for early morning de-puffing, plus it promotes skin elasticity which i’m not mad about.

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