Best Coffee Shops in Kauai (Southside)

Hi my name is Amanda, and I’m a coffee addict. Like, my teeth should be black and my adrenals should be dead at the rate I’m going with the amount that I drink hahaha.

For real though, this is an exciting post because I am an enthusiast for all things involving coffee. From the style of coffee it is to what type of milk/superfood powder/spices are added to create the perfect drink, I love it all and find it to be the one major staple of my morning routine that I (literally) cannot do without. And when I’m on a tiny island where they have their own coffee plantation with some of the best beans I’ve ever tasted, how could I not provide a little guide of my favorite spots I go to when I’m not brewing at home.

1. Lappert’s 


Location: Koloa

Hours: Daily 6am-10pm

To get right to the point, these people are pros. I’m actually drinking out of one of their mugs as I type this haha. They’ve been around for so long I believe they’ve really perfected both their coffee and ice cream because they are top-notch. I feel like if you come to Hawaii in general and don’t try Lappert’s, then you’ve missed out big time. I love their soy lattes and the fact that they have stevia as a sweetener option ❤ Most places don’t carry it so I’m always left to use the nasty raw sugar that doesn’t taste good/never fully dissolves. Anyone else agree?!

If you’re going to get ice cream though, then get a double scoop, in a waffle cone, of Kauai pie and kona coffee. Thank me later.

2. Dark Roost Coffee


Location: Lawai (3540 Koloa Rd.)

Hours: M-F 7-12

This instagram-worthy little trailer of a coffee shop in Lawai is so good. They’ve got pour overs, aeropress, lattes, tea, and daily food/drink specials. Best part is that they’re located next to Warehouse 3540 which has a bunch of little pop up shops and stores that you can browse with your coffee in hand.

3. Little Fish Coffee


Location: Hanapepe (3900 Hanapepe Road)

Hours: M-T 6:30-5, F  6:30-9, Sat. 8-5, Sun. 8-3

Okay this place is the cutest and has a big selection of coffee options, plus acai bowls/juices/bagels etc. which is always a plus. I highly recommend their honey nutmeg latte. Super super good. After you grab your coffee, head over to the swinging bridge across the street and maybe you’ll even spot the local kitty that hangs around there.

4. Living Foods Market


Location: Koloa

Hours: M-F 7-9

This place is inside the little market/grocery store in the Kukuiula Shopping Center but they have a really wide range of coffee options including milk substitutes of coconut, almond, and soy milk.

Side Note: For all you GF peeps, they have GF breakfast crepes which I’ve seen, and need to try.

5. Java Kai


Location: Kapaa

Hours: Daily 6-7

So this isn’t on the Southside per se BUT it’s a must if you’re on Kauai. Probably the most variety on the island when it comes to drinks. Think: chemex pour-overs, macadamia nut lattes, thai coffee…and the list goes on. It’s always busy in there so you know it’s good. You can stop by Kauai Juice Co. right behind it to grab a booch or green juice before heading to the beach! Also check out Shipwrecked, the clothing store located basically in conjunction with the cafe. Really really cute stuff.


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