Internet Things

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetI’m home! I landed around 8pm last night to a chilly San Diego which I wasn’t mad about one bit. It’s fun when the weather changes around here, exciting for us locals haha. I leave to drive up to Mammoth this afternoon with my friends until Sunday and i’m so excited. Nothing like going on a weekend vacation that also involves getting in a workout. I’m going shopping for ski clothes (lolzz)/getting my claws nails done with my mom today before I leave. Happy Thursday, pretty people!!

P.S. Check out my sister’s launch of her new website about all things green!!! She’s been in the works with this thing for a while so go show some love, homies.

Yum?: Ever heard of this kind of latte?

Architecture: never thought I would like a concrete house…

Wanderlust: booking my ticket asap after looking at these pics omg.

My inner dancer: This group kills it. I could imagine blasting the song before a big soccer game and getting so pumped haha.

Health: foods that de-bloat because holidays, man…

Science: can a drop of blood predict your chances of having heart disease? Pretty exciting stuff!

Food: Bet you’ve never heard of this type of jerky…Maybe a good stocking stuffer for the health nuts of your family?

Cool: Google has a new website that allows you to look at food trends throughout the years via graphs and images!

Entertainment: UMM waddup new Netflix downloading option!!! Not an extremely large selection of options but still…

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