Current Obsession

I think I’ve just found my new favorite addition to my morning routine:



While in Kauai, I got up to make coffee the first morning and I noticed a jar of coconut butter from the previous trip when we were there a month ago. I thought, hmmm what did we use this for again/what could I eat this with? Then it occurred to me that it’s sort of a thing right now to stir in coconut oil or organic butter into coffee for that extra boost and health benefits. So, I obviously was like hellz yes I’m going to be super healthy since I’m in Kauai after all and it’s such a trend and coconut butter is kinda the same thing as coconut oil, right?! I was excited, ok…

P.S: in case you don’t know what coconut butter actually is, it’s literally just dried coconut meat blended together into a paste. Super simple.

So, I proceeded to put a dollop (how weird is this word btw) of the butter in my coffee, with a splash of cashew milk and honey and OH MAN. It was good. Better than good. If you like thicker coffee and tend to get pretty affected by the acidity and jitteryness you get from coffee in the morning then this is for you. The butter tones down that initial jolt you get with the good fats and it sustains that buzz you get, plus it keeps you feeling full!

Please do it do it do it, I promise you won’t hate it.

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