Christmas Gifting | 4

Surprise! I’m dropping a gift guide right now, as well as one tomorrow because I missed last Saturday (again) :(((. I was in Mammoth though so that’s my excuse heheh.

But anywayssss, I’ve heard amazing things from friends + Youtubers about the new Essie gel(!!) nail polish as well as the Tarte bronzing/highlighting palette. I am also obsessed with my Corkcicle water bottle  and the fact that it comes in so many colors, plus I think it’s the perfect size without having too big of a mouth width so it doesn’t spill all over you when you sip on it.

The eye pads and mini coffee press would be so perfect for travel plus they’re just way too cute. And for my back, since I have a laptop stand so it’s raised when I type, a detached lower keyboard (bluetooth) would be really nice so I’m not putting stress on my shoulders/upper back. And lastly, since i’m having a bit of a coconut butter moment, this coco butter would be a tasty little stocking stuffer.

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