Christmas Gifting | 5

Happy Saturday, peeps! Today I’m going to a little local holiday block party with some friends, then maybe seeing a movie with another friend tonight!  I’m finally over this stupid cold so I also want to try to get in a more intense workout today if possible. I wanted to christmas shop today but I feel like that’s going to unfortunately be pushed to tomorrow now. I hope you guys like #5 of the gift guides! Kind of an odd mix with this one today but that’s always more fun, right?:

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I saw the makeup brush applicator when I was watching a makeup video on YouTube and not only does it work really well, but it seems like such a nice face massaging tool haha. The iphone projector and handheld vacuum are kinda for the guys out there (or girls!). My dad is obsessed with vacuuming so I might be getting that for him and his giant truck. A little dainty wave ring can be appreciated by most girls, especially those who love the ocean.

I came across these shower speakers and thought it was genius because I’m always playing music from my laptop or phone when I take a shower but can’t hear it very well. So clever. I have actually been using the vanity planet facial brush since junior year of college and I love it. Way cheaper (so many discount codes online) than clarasonic but just as good, in my opinion. The wooden aromatherapy diffuser would be so nice for winter months for humidifying the air plus it supports the immune system. Just turn it on before bed and you’re gold. Might be getting this for myself…

Last but not least, the Amazfit Moonbeam tracks calories, sleep and activity throughout the day, plus it vibrates when you have an incoming call. It’s so much prettier, is hypoallergenic, has wireless charging, and is water-resistant too. Compared to other trackers this is one I’d actually want  to wear.

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