Current Obsession: Lip Stain


So…maybe not so current because I’ve been ob.sess.ed with it since the beginning of summer. BUT, this is my absolute go to for literally every time I feel like I need some color on my lips. I seriously think everyone should know about this/try it because it’s just amazing. It’s not a bestseller for no reason…

I just swipe a little on the bottom and upper lip, then go over with some EOS or whatever chapstick/lip balm I have on hand and voila: The most perfect, “wine-stained” lip that just automatically brings life to your face. I sometimes put a few stripes on my cheeks and blend it in as a blush substitute. Plus a little goes a long way which is always nice for any beauty product.

Asos is having a sale on it right now which is convenient!

P.S. shoutout to Katie (my sister) for introducing me to the stuff!! 🙂 

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