Internet Things:

My dad’s attempt at shaving the back of his neck yesterday. Lolingggg.

Hi hi hi!! So I’m going on day 3 without wi-fi which is why I’ve been a little radio silent, BUT hopefully that’ll be fixed at some point today. We are officially in Kauai for Christmas and so far the weather has been on point which is exciting since it’s been rainy recently!! (knock on wood though…) My parent’s and I are about to walk to Kauai Juice Co. to try out some of their new nitro coffee and grab a free elixir shot, then probably head to the gym and then BEACH. I’ve become so anal about sunscreen and keeping my face far away from the sun recently and I think, although subtle, I’m noticing differences! On Saturday you’ll see my current obsession when it comes to getting rid of dark spots (thanks to my mom who introduced me to the stuff!).

Hope everyone has a good day! ❤

Cool: Ummm just a casual giant feather from a dinosaur was found recently in Myanmar. I love this kind of stuff haha.

New study: for those meat lovers who say veggies just don’t fill you up, that might all just be in your head!

Tech + Health: really cool new gadget that tracks the amount of minerals/vitamins you intake. Very futuristic, I’m kinda digging it!

Mental Health: 8 ways to tell if you’re mentally strong.

Making this: nut butter and sea salt brownies. Hubba hubbaa.

Inspo: this place is so cute. I love general stores.

Good to Know: what to do with all of those hard to recycle items such as old computers to jars with leftover food residue.

Family time: 30 movies you can watch with the whole fam ❤

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