Christmas Gifting | 6 (Final one!)

These guides have been so much fun to put together, but unfortunately this is going to be the last one seeing that Christmas is just a week out! WHAT. Time flies wowowow.

Hope you enjoy!!

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I feel like any girl would like a little dainty necklace or piece of jewelry so you can’t really go wrong with this one.

I feel like soap-on-a-rope is becoming this new “trendy” thing right now. It’s also really logical because you can put it on your wrist so it doesn’t slip off and it allows the bacteria to drip off when you let it hang!

I thought this Japanese-inspired bamboo bag was really really cool.’s watermelon cooler would be such a cute gift for the beach lovers in your life.

This Books with Style hardcover seems like the perfect coffee table book with various images of women from the “upper echelons” of society with their insane fashion and amazing locations all over the world.

The well-known Venice, CA restaurant Gjelina has come out with this cookbook featuring over 125 recipes all surrounding their “mexi-cali” Venice vibes.

Although a little bit pricey, for the working guy in your life, a quality briefcase is one of those gifts that’s not only a great investment but will be used all the time. It’s also one of those pieces they probably wouldn’t think to buy for themselves!

fuzzy robe is always a gift you can’t go wrong with. The brand might surprise you but I mean look how cozy this thing looks!!

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