Internet Things:

Scenes from the beach yesterday.

Science: more research coming out about how tweaking certain genes in mice ( and possibly even humans) is definitely capable of ‘reversing’ our age. Could you imagine??

Travel Tip: Staying on the right track during the holiday’s. I swear by #1.

Mental Health: Something my family and I are pretty passionate about; how medications are actually doing way more harm than we think.

Freshen up: The most commonly misused words in the English language.

Learn: what kombucha is and why you should drink it! Not to mention this was an interview from the CEO of my favorite kombucha brand, HealthAde.

Physical Health: Coconut oil and it’s weight loss benefits, specifically how it targets the belly area. Yes plz. I’ve been putting a Tbsp of it in my coffee every morning!

Energies: Gold, Red, and Green. Why these colors might have a lot to do with channeling your energy.

Travel: airport snacks you can actually get through security.

Beauty: FDA might be proposing a new regulation on lead levels in beauty products!


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