Internet Things:

From this AM. Started a new book and I’m already hooked.

Living Longer: This stuff fascinates me. All about fasting and it’s benefits/link to living longer. I’ve always known about the people of Okinawa who tend to just casually live to be a century year old, and they follow a form of fasting, so I think they probably know whats up. Kinda want to do an entire separate post about this.

Health: People who drink two cups of this every day are 44 per cent less likely to develop liver damage caused by excessive drinking. Can you guess what it is??

Tech + Health: Fitness trackers may possibly detect early signs of serious illnesses. Whoever invents a high quality little gadget that can do such a thing, and do it well, is going to fill a niche market I think we need.

Get the scoop: Everything about Pea Protein and why you’ll be seeing much more of it.

Travel: 10 yoga retreats for 2017 around the world that look too good to be true. *Cough* 2 of them are in Kauai *cough.*

Get it off your chest, gurl: Gossiping is actually a pretty great thing with some legit benefits.


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