Made My Week

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From my walk the other day. Those colors thoooo ❤

Some highlights from the past couple of days that have made this week just a liiiittle bit better than normal:


The Affair

I’m obsessed with this show.  I’m no specialist in this stuff, but I love any show/movie with good cinematography and some good ol’ drama (an affair and murder to be exact). It’s set in Montauk/NYC so it kinda draws you in just based off the locations. I’ve been binge-watching season 3 every night and let me just say, this season is extra extra spicy if ya know what I mean. Like ghost pepper hot sauce compared to season 2’s mild Cholula. 

Mona-Jane, aka: Roca Moon

This girl is a New Zealand Native who now lives in Hawaii with her adorable family and she has the most killer body I’ve ever seen. If I could have goals summed up into one person/Instagram this would be it. 

Make your mornings a little bit better

This is probably sabotaging your mornings and ya don’t even know it. I’ve been waiting at least 30 minutes before reaching for it and it makes a surprisingly huge difference in my mood.

Rosehip Seed Oil:

I gave in to the hype and i’ve been using this for a couple of days now as full makeup remover, putting it in my hair, and best of all: as a highlighter. When I finish my makeup i’ll dab this onto the top of my cheekbones/brow/cupids bow and it’s just amazing. And also helping with the squint-lines around the eyes which makes it that much better. I”m obsessed.

Being Well

Interesting little article on predicting Well-Being based off of certain Personality Traits.

Kehlani’s New Album

I am obsessed with this girl’s voice. She’s like an even more badass/ghetto version of Jojo or something. P.S. for those who still remember Jojo…I appreciate you.  I’ve been following Kehlani since around 2014 or so and I’m soooo happy she’s making it big cause her voice is fireeee. Need to see her at Coachella this year!!

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