Sunday Music Roundup

Hello helloooo!

Today I’m going to the Mens U.S. soccer game against Serbia and I am SO pumped. I’ve never watched a live professional game before so it should be pretty fun. I’ve got a prettty good playlist this week if I do say so myself, and if you want to see my workout/pregame/chill/summer/etc. playlists just check out my Spotify. I’m a music-aholic and update these probably way too often but they’re my little pride and joys so check ’em out!

“Surefire” by John Legend is so good. Found it via his live performance of it below. Missy Elliott’s new song is so badass, as well as Kendrick Lamar’s “m.A.A.d city.” I’m obsessed. And then again, Kehlani’s new album just came out, I mentioned this in my last post but I’m really into it so far.

See you guys mañana ❤

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