Kauai Food Diary

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Is this not the sexiest thing you’ve ever seen?

As the obsessive foodie I am, I always get curious about what people eat on a daily basis especially if they’re vacationing, traveling, etc. etc. Sooo I thought it’d be fun to share examples of what a normal day of eating looked like for me while I was in Kauai for a month, especially since I would constantly have the freshest produce at my fingertips. They don’t call it the Garden Island for no reason ya know…

Whenever I’m in hot weather/wearing bikinis all day/doing lots of physical activity constantly, my body naturally gravitates toward fresh fruits/veggies and smaller portions in general,  rather than super hearty large meals throughout the day. That’s just what works best for me, personally. I don’t get bloated/feel heavy throughout the day when I work with smaller portions. And most importantly, I don’t get hangry, which is usually one of my biggest downfalls. Just ask any of my family members 🙂 🙂

Biggest tips for eating well on vacation:

– Limited to no alcohol. (Seriously makes the biggest difference.)

– Portion control.

– Whole, unprocessed foods.


Breakfast is usually really light, sometimes I’d skip it because my 2 cups of coffee (with coconut oil/cashew milk) would fill me up with all those good fats. Since I’d workout around 9ish everyday I didn’t want a full belly of food before I jumped around and what not. Anyways, I always had at least two cups of coffee with a tablespoon of coconut oil + some cashew milk + cinnamon + Naikela botanical’s adaptogen powder. That combo gives me the best energy and actually keeps me pretty satisfied until around 11 or so. If I wasn’t working out though then normally it would be some fruit, specifically half a papaya or an apple banana with a spoonful of almond butter. Nature’s candy I swear. OR we’d grab acai bowls up the street. And I’d also sip on a tiny cup of kombucha for the probiotics and to get things moving if ya know what I mean…

Lunch would be right before we would head to the beach so I would just dip some turkey slices in hummus with some slices of avocado and then I’m good to go. Those are basically my three favorite foods by the way, so it’s super satisfying for me. If not that, or if I’m more thirsty/need something cold, then I’d go ahead and make a quick smoothie. Super easy and sooo so good.

Dinner was always salad (with cucumber, goat cheese, tomato, radish, onion, carrots, etc.) + some form of meat+ sometimes a side of either potatoes or another side veggie. My cousins would bake dessert every night of some sort, so I would have a bite or two of whatever they made. I’ve learned that depriving yourself only makes things worse so a little sugar is A-ok.

When we got back from the beach every day I’d have a snack around 3-4ish to hold me over before dinner and chill. It usually always consisted of something with hummus. I love hummus…Then around 5:30 we’d make drinks and watch the sunset, then eat dinner!

Some pictures to give you an idea:



Hey guys… 

A Day in: Mammoth!

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View outside my bedroom! Snow makes everything 100x prettier.

Happy Monday! I spent Thursday, Friday and Saturday up in Mammoth with a group of friends to go skiing and it was so much fun. I just rented ski gear which was dropped off at the house for us and it made life so much easier. I had to buy ski pants and a thermal top but other than that I was good to go. Post-ski sesh each day we would make dinner, hop in the jacuzzi and drink some good ol’ fireball because it only felt fitting, and then just hung out and played a few card games! You know it was a fun weekend when you feel like you were barely on your phone the whole time, and didn’t feel the need to be. Good old-fashioned fun with good people is seriously hard to beat.

I’ll post a beginner’s guide later today what to pack for a ski trip because I was a little lost myself when packing I’m not gonna lie…It’s only been about 12 years (!) since I last went skiing…



^Made the guys do the cleaning hehehe

Hanapepe Art Night

Every Friday is a little art night in Hanapepe, on the South side of Kauai, featuring local artists and food. It’s fun because although being pretty popular, tons of locals like to head over and check it out, too. My grandparents and I went to Japanese Grandma’s Cafe  for dinner, a cute and new little sushi restaurant inside a shop right on the main drag. Outside, a local band was playing under twinkly lights with people dancing in the street ❤  My kinda night.

If you’re ever in Kauai, I would check this out if you get the chance.


One of the shops along the street is a woodworker who actually built a dinner table for my grandparents for their new house. They wanted to see if he had finished it since it was supposed to be ready within the next few days or so, so we popped in, and it was right there when you walked in! This was their first time seeing it finished!! They were so  excited, can you tell? hahaSAMSUNG CSCProcessed with VSCO with c1 preset

I had the veggie roll with some ahi nigiri and edamame. Soooo yumz.

A Few Hours in: Oceanside

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Zen-ing out in my grandparents front yard ❤

It is currently so SO beautiful outside, birds are chirping, 75 degree weather, an acai bowl in my belly…. Monday is off to a good start i’d say.

I was housesitting for my grandparents again from Thursday through Sunday and had a hair appt. in Carlsbad on Friday, so I decided to check out Oceanside a little bit since I was near the area! I never travel up this way unless I have to be somewhere so it was fun to do some exploring.


^ Sidenote: If you ever need a hair cut/color/extensions/etc. Go see my cousin Jenni at Head for Change in Carlsbad. She honestly does the best job out of anyone i’ve been to AND she donates a percentage of the services to certain charities from all over the world. Pretty cool stuff. 

As per recommendation from Jenni, I headed over to Revolution Roasters for my favorite kind of afternoon sweet treat: a Lavender Latte ❤ The cafe is your basic, very clean, kinda industrial-looking, trendy coffee shop, with a cute “coffee shop” neon sign. I love neon signs.

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Then right next door I saw another  cute coffee shop, and THEN realized it was attached to a sick vintage store! YAS. I ended up buying a “midnight rider” t-shirt for like 15 bucks and pretty good quality. Can’t wait to wear it with booties, jeans, and a leather jacket.

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetAfterwards I found (and proceeded to buy) to-go nut butter packets from another cute shop down the street. Pretty damn genius. Idk why i’ve never seen them before or thought of the idea but i’m obsessed now. fullsizerender

I strolled the beach with my coffee before heading back to Rancho for a minute because it was too beautiful not to. And number 9 is my lucky number so I had to get the shot…

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Lake Tahoe Roadtrip

About 4 weeks ago my parents and I took a road trip from SD to Lake Tahoe for a paddle race that my dad, and Adam (one of my brother’s best friends since childhood), would be participating in.

We made a few pit stops along the way up, most specifically Mammoth! We stayed the night there in The Westin Monache Resort and it was really really nice. Westin’s never disappoint. Great gym and outdoor pool, plus it’s located just up the street from the main village.

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We decided on dinner at Campo, within the village, and it was so tasty. Not a very large salad selection but they had gluten free pizza so that was exciting (my mom is allergic)! Their caprese salad was amazing.

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The next morning before getting on the road and making our way into Tahoe, we went to the gym for a little, got brunch at Food Cache Cafe (their Avocado Bowl was SO yum), then made our way over to take the gondola up Mammoth Mountain. Weird seeing one of California’s most popular ski slopes without any snow on it. UNREAL views and so worth it despite not being able to breath after a few steps because altitude….

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We finally arrived to Lake Tahoe where we stayed at this cute Airbnb cabin (with a jacuzzi !) with Adam and his fiance.

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RACE DAY!  My dad and Adam had to paddle from the south of the lake all the way to the north side. Took about 5 hours in total. My dad said it was the hardest race he’s ever had to paddle.

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^Breakfast in the jacuzzi while the guys were out in the water. And dad explaining how he wanted to die the entire time hahaha

While the guys were mid-paddle, we started heading to the north of the lake but made a quick pit stop at Sand Harbor on the way up. If you ever come to Lake Tahoe, go here. The water was crystal clear and had the prettiest views of the lake! When I thought of Lake Tahoe before going on this trip, I never would have imagined these sort of island-like coves and hidden beaches scattered around everywhere. I want to go back during the summer months now!


Dad crossing the finish line!

After the race, we ate dinner on the beach (got swarmed by wasps which was a nice touch), then headed back to the cabin where we watched the sunset and all went to bed veerry early.

Sunset the night before leaving

On our way back to SD, the boards on top of the truck were quivering from the crazy wind that was going on, so we had to pull over in the middle of nowhere because we thought they might fly off! Scary driving with those things.


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I’m not exactly a lake person, but Tahoe was definitely something beautiful that I wouldn’t mind seeing again. Not to mention the drive up wasn’t bad at all from San Diego!

A Day in: Poipu, Kauai

Because i’m in Kauai so often, I decided i’ll do “A Day In” post for Poipu and Hanalei, rather than just A Day in: Kauai. Too many things! Mayyyybe i’ll do the east and west sides as well, but i’m not in those areas as much so we’ll see!

Where to stay: The Hyatt (obvious choice-best lagoon/pool ever), Koa Kea Hotel & Resort (boutique-y), or an Airbnb!

Wake up and…

Eat breakfast at: 

Anake’s Juice Bar (acai bowls, juices, chia seed parfaits, etc.)


Kauai Juice Co. for fresh juices/kombuchas-galore


Anuenue Cafe (omelets, pancakes, burritos…)


Walk or run up to Spouting horn, hike Ho’opi’i falls trail, SUP at Poipu Beach, rent a bike!

Beach at…

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Shipwrecks Beach (locals locals locals), Poipu Beach (people-watching is unreal here), Sheraton, Kukui’ula Harbor Beach (for when you don’t want to be around many people)


Avocado Ahiiiiii. Like crack

We normally pack our own beach snacks to eat such as: turkey, carrots, hummus, fruit, and chips. BUT if you’re dying to eat out somewhere then I would grab some avocado ahi from Koloa Fish Market (or their lau lau plate omgggg), Living Foods Market, or drive to Kalaheo Cafe.

After the beach…

Stroll through the Shops at Kukuiula. Wednesday is the Culinary Market, Second Saturday of every month is the Art Walk, and live music on Friday’s.

Check out Warehouse 3540 and the Fresh Shave for curated items and the best shave ice EVER.

Watch the sunset at Baby Beach, you might even see a monk seal or sea turtle taking a nap!

Dinner time…

img_6564 the-best-breakfast-place.jpg

 To be honest, we don’t normally go out to eat often, simply because we buy fresh fish from the market and make delicious (and less expensive) meals on our grill at home! BUT if we were to go out: Merriman’s, Kalaheo Cafe, Brick Oven Pizza, Eating House 1849, Stevenson’s in the Hyatt (cool bar).

P.S. Lappert’s Ice Cream is a MUST. I always save it for the end of the trip! ❤

A Day in: Sedona, AZ (sorta)

We arrived in AZ around 7pm from Santa Fe, and left the next morning so I can’t exactly call this #adayin, BUT we were able to see the beautiful red rocky mountains and stop by a great juice shop on our way out! Not to mention staying at an amazing hotel. I think Kimpton hotels have officially made it to the top of my favorites list of hotels i’ve stayed at. Every single location is incredible and so well tailored to the cities they are set in.

Besides the scorching heat, Sedona was something special and I’m glad I don’t live too too far because another road-trip/long weekend getaway is definitely in order.

Where we stayed: Amara Resort & Spa We went night swimming under the stars with some friendly visits from the local bats…more cute than scary!

Where we ate: Dinner was leftover road trip snacks but the next morning after working out we headed downstairs and ate breakfast at the hotel. Great omelettes and they even serve fresh green juices! We ended up at this juice shop to grab some goods for the road. It was so cute and so up my alley! Not to mention having all the on-trend juices/wellness powders/nut milks and great cold brew! Their packaging and entire layout/design was perfect.

What we saw: If I had to choose my favorite part of Sedona, I’d have to put the drive in within the top 3 on that list. Coming from Santa Fe, we took the scenic 89A route around dusk time and wowwwww. That time of the day, with that light and the way it hit those red red rocks was somethin’ else.

Before we headed out the next day, I’d heard about the amazing views from their local airport, which at first sounded weird but everyone seemed to rave about it, so we decided to check it out. And let me tell ya, it was very much worth it. You just drive up a road, park in the gravel lot, walk a few feet to the lookout and there it is! So for anyone not up for a hike it’s perfect.

Drinks at the Hotel bar before the pool!

Beautiful in person gahhhh #airportlookout


Breakfast with a view

P.S. I got a lot of my Sedona tips and recommendations from this article. So many other places I need to come back and see!