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1Dinner tonight is going to be something warm, and involving the bok choy that I received at my doorstep this morning. It’s currently in the mid 50’s in San Diego right now! Brrrrr

2 | Hanger is a very real thing. 3 words: blood glucose levels.

3 | Really really into using oils for removing makeup lately. My face doesn’t feel like it’s being stripped of the good stuff anymore and I go to bed with baby-butt level soft skin.

4 | I can’t explain my obsession with Apple Cider Vinegar enough. My mom thinks I’m a crazy person for taking a shot of it every morning. Now, it’s shown to have even more benefits if taken right before bed.

5 | “Soft Skills”- what are they, and tips on how to showcase them from a LinkedIn recruiter’s POV.

| Ummm dream bedroom. Think garden shed meets greenhouse meets magical fairy bedroom. I can just imagine waking up early to a foggy morning and sipping coffee watching that morning light come in. Ahhhhhh ❤

7 | Tom and Gisele’s chef gives the couples’ favorite recipes for superbowl Sunday.

| Don’t know if this is new, but ASOS now sells a tooonnn of active wear. Leggings are life so I love these and these, and thisssss sports bra! Also kind of digging this woven look for a workout shoe.

Internet Things:

From this AM. Started a new book and I’m already hooked.

Living Longer: This stuff fascinates me. All about fasting and it’s benefits/link to living longer. I’ve always known about the people of Okinawa who tend to just casually live to be a century year old, and they follow a form of fasting, so I think they probably know whats up. Kinda want to do an entire separate post about this.

Health: People who drink two cups of this every day are 44 per cent less likely to develop liver damage caused by excessive drinking. Can you guess what it is??

Tech + Health: Fitness trackers may possibly detect early signs of serious illnesses. Whoever invents a high quality little gadget that can do such a thing, and do it well, is going to fill a niche market I think we need.

Get the scoop: Everything about Pea Protein and why you’ll be seeing much more of it.

Travel: 10 yoga retreats for 2017 around the world that look too good to be true. *Cough* 2 of them are in Kauai *cough.*

Get it off your chest, gurl: Gossiping is actually a pretty great thing with some legit benefits.


Internet Things


Interior Design: (As seen above) I’m kind of really really obsessed with the interior design of this Istanbul Apartment. That wall paper!!

Health: This overlooked symptom of breast cancer is disturbingly easy to miss.

Travel: All about traveling solo in Australia (relevant because that’s what I’ll be doing!)

Diet: Hmm are we going to be seeing more of this diet trend in the future? Especially now that fat’s reputation has been improving over the past few years.

Need: This take home kit tests your genes, DNA variations, and your body’s reaction to food on a cellular level to create the best diet for you and your goals.

Explore: New York Time’s best places to travel in 2017. #1 is definitely on my list.

Watch: Wowowow. Check out this drone just cruising along the Swiss Alps. So mesmerizing ❤

Science: how smiling became a friendly gesture among us humans.

YUM: Recipe inspo with this cauliflower rice burrito bowl.

Internet Things:

Scenes from the beach yesterday.

Science: more research coming out about how tweaking certain genes in mice ( and possibly even humans) is definitely capable of ‘reversing’ our age. Could you imagine??

Travel Tip: Staying on the right track during the holiday’s. I swear by #1.

Mental Health: Something my family and I are pretty passionate about; how medications are actually doing way more harm than we think.

Freshen up: The most commonly misused words in the English language.

Learn: what kombucha is and why you should drink it! Not to mention this was an interview from the CEO of my favorite kombucha brand, HealthAde.

Physical Health: Coconut oil and it’s weight loss benefits, specifically how it targets the belly area. Yes plz. I’ve been putting a Tbsp of it in my coffee every morning!

Energies: Gold, Red, and Green. Why these colors might have a lot to do with channeling your energy.

Travel: airport snacks you can actually get through security.

Beauty: FDA might be proposing a new regulation on lead levels in beauty products!


Internet Things:

My dad’s attempt at shaving the back of his neck yesterday. Lolingggg.

Hi hi hi!! So I’m going on day 3 without wi-fi which is why I’ve been a little radio silent, BUT hopefully that’ll be fixed at some point today. We are officially in Kauai for Christmas and so far the weather has been on point which is exciting since it’s been rainy recently!! (knock on wood though…) My parent’s and I are about to walk to Kauai Juice Co. to try out some of their new nitro coffee and grab a free elixir shot, then probably head to the gym and then BEACH. I’ve become so anal about sunscreen and keeping my face far away from the sun recently and I think, although subtle, I’m noticing differences! On Saturday you’ll see my current obsession when it comes to getting rid of dark spots (thanks to my mom who introduced me to the stuff!).

Hope everyone has a good day! ❤

Cool: Ummm just a casual giant feather from a dinosaur was found recently in Myanmar. I love this kind of stuff haha.

New study: for those meat lovers who say veggies just don’t fill you up, that might all just be in your head!

Tech + Health: really cool new gadget that tracks the amount of minerals/vitamins you intake. Very futuristic, I’m kinda digging it!

Mental Health: 8 ways to tell if you’re mentally strong.

Making this: nut butter and sea salt brownies. Hubba hubbaa.

Inspo: this place is so cute. I love general stores.

Good to Know: what to do with all of those hard to recycle items such as old computers to jars with leftover food residue.

Family time: 30 movies you can watch with the whole fam ❤

Internet Things


Design Inspo (above^)This unbelievably cool hostel in Valencia, Spain is design goals. I might have personally done some things different but overall everything seems to works really well together.

Welcome to the future?: With the population predicted to rise by over 2 billion by 2050, more food companies are looking to produce “fake” meat to keep up with future demands.

Wellness: I love Well + Good’s wellness trend list they come up with every year in prediction of the year to come. Number 3 will definitely be interesting to watch, while number 9 I’m pretty sure I’ve been doing for years…

Business: From taking away your credibility to discouraging your employees and their loyalty, why trying to be a people pleaser is the wrong strategy to take as a boss.

Tech: I straight up almost just bought myself 20 things from this list of 50 extremely useful tech accessories that would be perfect little gifts or presents for this holiday season.

Health: A really extensive but useful guide for conquering your next hangover.

Because we all use it: Everything that will get you banned from using Uber.

Music: umm new favorite website?! I’m all about finding the newest/coolest music so this is pretty amazing.

Internet Things

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetI’m home! I landed around 8pm last night to a chilly San Diego which I wasn’t mad about one bit. It’s fun when the weather changes around here, exciting for us locals haha. I leave to drive up to Mammoth this afternoon with my friends until Sunday and i’m so excited. Nothing like going on a weekend vacation that also involves getting in a workout. I’m going shopping for ski clothes (lolzz)/getting my claws nails done with my mom today before I leave. Happy Thursday, pretty people!!

P.S. Check out my sister’s launch of her new website about all things green!!! She’s been in the works with this thing for a while so go show some love, homies.

Yum?: Ever heard of this kind of latte?

Architecture: never thought I would like a concrete house…

Wanderlust: booking my ticket asap after looking at these pics omg.

My inner dancer: This group kills it. I could imagine blasting the song before a big soccer game and getting so pumped haha.

Health: foods that de-bloat because holidays, man…

Science: can a drop of blood predict your chances of having heart disease? Pretty exciting stuff!

Food: Bet you’ve never heard of this type of jerky…Maybe a good stocking stuffer for the health nuts of your family?

Cool: Google has a new website that allows you to look at food trends throughout the years via graphs and images!

Entertainment: UMM waddup new Netflix downloading option!!! Not an extremely large selection of options but still…

Internet Things


HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!! My family and I (aka: my uncle, grandparents, and my grandmas brother + his wife) are keeping it very low key by cooking up some fish, veggies, and then of course pumpkin pie from Costco because you gotta. My brother is in NY, sister is in London with her hubby, and my parents are back in California, so it’s pretty spread out this year. The fact that we are able to even go to/live in all of these places is just one of the trillion things i’m thankful for today. Have an amazing day!!

Different: This (pic above) California residency/enterprise is testing and redefining what “living spaces” mean to us and investigating what day-to-day living requires from us as people.

Health: This inflammatory ingredient, that you probably just drank from your almond milk latte this morning, has just  been banned from organic food! Hooray hooray!

Travel: think blue, steamy, freezing, muddy, chic…millennials top travel pick.

Food: All about the science (and history!) behind why salt and grapefruit are a great power couple in the world of food…and our taste buds.

Happiness: and it’s effects on improving brain function, processing info, and how you perceive the world. Really cool article.

Science: a gaming app that focuses on navigation skills which could potentially detect signs of early Alzheimers!

Creative: this artists creates illustrations out of the shadows of random objects.

Eat: this vegan thanksgiving challenge is genius and kinda blew my mind. Watch the video, too!

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Wellness: (above) NASA’s newly released list of the best air-cleaning plants you should start putting into your home/office.

Wanderlust-ing: If I ever make it to this area of New Zealand I need to try to check this place out. Their retreats look so nice, too!

Science: Exciting news about stopping Alzheimer’s from gong haywire.

Lol-ing: LIFE magazine reminding us that we have come a long way…

Making: this pumpkin tart that reminds me of all of those raw cakes you see on all those healthy food blogs/sites. Kind of a unique and healthier take on pumpkin pie!

Dang: this is going to be the first city to allow people to use marijuana in bars and restaurants woah.

Health: I love this article on exactly why fats 100% don’t make you fat and counting calories is so misleading.

 “The misinformation that has been pushed on our population by the food industry and our government, which is that all calories are the same- that’s true in a laboratory, when you burn them. It’s not true when you eat them.”

Internet Things

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Happy belated Halloween from this mad scientist/crazy cat lady!


Wellness: I guess there actually is some method to their madness behind “morning people.” Maybe one day i’ll learn…

Cool: An L.A. home casually built around an enormous tree.

Make: The BEST coconut yogurt, made by the homies over at Greenheart Juice Shop!

Dreaming: “All you need is blue” photo project by Francois Peyranne. If this doesn’t make you want to go on vacation then I don’t know what will.

Learn: “Australians, from Generation Z through to Baby Boomers, rank happiness as the top measure of success.”- Maybe us American’s could learn a little thing or two from these Aussies.

Food News: America…wait for it….has TOO much cheese. 1.2 billion pounds in excess to be exact.

Work + Personal Growth: Good article on executing ideas and actually making them come to life.

Lol wut: Russians are weird man. Coffee is being sold on the dark net because buying it in stores is way too mainstream, obviously.