Weekend/Travel Plans | UPDATE

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This weekend involved lots and lots of rain, coffee, football, a power outage, and my good friend Tito (if you know, you know…).Of course it went by waay too fast and I don’t want the rain to leave! If you don’t already know, it never rains over here in San Diego so it’s pretty exciting.

Weekend Update: Besides getting two cavities filled on Thursday, the rest of the weekend only went up from there. Friday was spent soaking up the rainy weather and doing a whole lot of nothing. Went through some old photos I hadn’t seen since I don’t even know when, and found some gems. Those awkward phases are a very real thing. Saturday I went for a looong walk along the cliffs (where a guy pulled over to give me his card for something about trying some items from his clothing line he owns so that was interesting…) My mom and I did a little bit of shopping and then later that night I went to my friend’s house for a little party where I learned you could make a drinking game from a pizza box. Learning new + important things everyday, guys…The next day I met up with the same group and ate some brunch (that the guys slaved over making all morning might I add haha) until around 2-ish. The rest of the day was spent at home watching football and waiting out a power outage.

Future Travels/Life Update:  My sister is officially coming with me to Australia!! She’ll be meeting me in Sydney, so I’ll be doing Brisbane solo which I’m really excited about. My plan is to go to Brisbane > Sydney > Melbourne > New Zealand. Reaching out today to everyone I know via mutual friends who are in a few of these places and to do some research about WWOOFing in the South Island of New Zealand. Have any of you done it/know of anyone?? Regarding February, it’s going to consist of a weekend trip to Mammoth for my friends birthday, CRSSD Festival in Downtown SD, and going to the USA vs. Serbia soccer game (low key soooo excited about this).

There’s also been talk about doing Coachella again and going on a girls trip to Kauai with some friends in May. I did a girls trip senior year of high school after graduation and it was hands down one of the most fun trips I’ve ever been on.. The ball is starting to get rolling on things coming up and I cannot waaaiiittt!

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Couldn’t describe us any better: cats, abalone, pigtails, soccer shorts.

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This never happens!!!



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So at last it’s just me in this big ol’ house here in Kauai. The holiday’s are over and everyone has left to head back to the real world. The last of my family leaves today, except my grandparents, they’re staying until the 16th (me, the 13th). One of my best friends comes in on the 8th and I’m so excited!! Today I’m getting my nails done, grocery shopping for this curry I’m gonna make tonight, walk, and then watch the sunset at Shipwrecks beach. ❤

Mostly what this trip has consisted of:

– Cortado Coffee trips

– Gym

– Beach x 1000

– Family dinners

– Kauai Juice Co…every day.

-Watching daily sunsets + sunrises like it’s our job


These past 2 weeks were amazing and also pretty exhausting, but in a good way. I love family time over here but I’m one of those people that gets so burnt out when I’m constantly having to make small talk every night at the dinner table and having to play catch up with all of the cousins/uncles/aunts. It’ll be nice to have some days and nights alone to have time to cook for myself, watch my shows, start to truly plan my Australia trip, and read a book on the beach with no interruptions like the good ol’ introvert I am likes to do heheh. Processed with VSCO with c1 presetProcessed with VSCO with c1 presetimg_8012Processed with VSCO with c1 presetimg_8112Processed with VSCO with c1 presetProcessed with VSCO with c1 presetSAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSCimg_8179SAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSCProcessed with VSCO with c1 presetimg_8096


Christmas Eve dinner with the squaaaddd.

I think my family might win the award for most untraditional + zero f’s given of them all…and I love it.

Thanksgiving was in Kauai, not even with my whole family…where we gladly just ate fish and veggies and went to bed early.

Christmas was in Kauai with the whole fam. No Christmas tree or anything, just gifts on the porch. The rest of the day was spent soakin’ up the sun on the beach with everyone. 

New Years will be rung in with my sister and her hubby here in Kauai with some new friends. Probably going to a bar for some drinks and the countdown. 

Super super chill and I wouldn’t want it any other way. The holidays will always be the holidays despite the lack of super traditional events for us because as long as the whole gang is together, that’s honestly all that matters! I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas, traditions or not, because as long as you find what you’re grateful for each year then that’s all it really comes down to. ❤

Pictures of what I’ve been up to lately:

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And from yesterday, an early birthday present to my grandma: a 3.5 hour ATV ride through mud and rain because isn’t that how most grandmas celebrate their birthdays?

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If you ever want an epic ATV ride with amazing views (think locations from: Jurassic Park, The Descendants, Pirates of the Caribbean, etc.) then check out Kipu Ranch Tours. Super cool tour guides and epic scenery.


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Happy Monday! Hope everyone is either on break or almost at their break for the holidays. I’m currently sipping my coffee looking out at the rainy weather outside our place in Kauai. It’s funny, I used to get depressed whenever it used to rain during Christmas time when we’ve been here in the past, but now I fully embrace it and actually love it! It’s so nice to see the island become so green, and you can smell the dirt (sounds gross but you know what I mean) and plants, etc. From San Diego where it never really rains, it’s always a nice change. Plus I can give my skin a break from the sun and write some posts for you guys! These past few days involved getting lots of Kauai Juice, going on a sunset cruise, seeing old friends, shopping, and celebrating my dad’s birthday! So far so good this trip. Can’t wait until the entire fam is all here ❤

Today my brother gets here all the way from NY!!! Can’t wait to see him. I’m probably going to shop for his Christmas gift at some point (p.s. why are brothers always so hard to shop for??), then head into Hanapepe to shop at Blu-Umi and find some goodies. Today is leg day which I feel like I should point out because I always dreaddd BBG leg days and it’s half of what I think about all day until I do it and it’s over haha. I die. But in a good way!

A few (a lot..) snapshots from the past few days:

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Mom and dad bein kewtttt


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Cats lives though…

Hello hellooo!

Today is going to consist of getting last-minute christmas shopping in, nails done, eyebrows waxed (they’re full on caterpillars right now), and tutoring all done before we leave tomorrow for Kauai for a few weeks!!

This weekend was spent with some friends at Stone Brewing, grabbing some drinks in Little Italy, and trying to get over this cold. It’s pretty much 90% gone now so thank gawd it’s out of the way before christmas. I also spent Friday baking something that you’ll be seeing on ze blog this coming Friday so woop woop! Other than that though, it was a pretty uneventful week over here, just sort of laid low. There was a commercial being shot in our front/backyard though which is always exciting (got some free kale plants out of it lolz), and I did get a crown on my tooth which was super duper fun…

Can’t wait to get back to the health grind (aka no drinking plz) and workout grind. AND I can’t wait to see all the family together in one place again!! It feels like it’s been so so long.

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Sunset from Stone was on fleeeeek.

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One of my best friends from highschool, Maddie! ❤img_7510



Updates + I’m in Kauai!

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Unreal sunset the other night on the SD bay

Hi hi hi! Just to keep you updated: I’m in Kauai for the next two weeks so get ready for more posts to come involving everything Island-related!

This past weekend was a whirlwind. I subbed in for a friend of a friend to play in an intramural soccer game and lemme tell ya, I’ve never been so sore in my life. I forgot about all of those weird muscles (hi abs) that you have to use and took for granted when I was younger! Or maybe I’m getting old? Wompp.  Met some really cool people, too. Thinking about joining at some point so yay! Then that night and Saturday, I hung out with a bunch of old friends and we went out to Pacific Beach and had a friggin blast. I forgot how fun socializing can be, guys!! (If you know me, you know I’m such an introvert/homebody…)

Monday consisted of me tutoring and getting stuff done before leaving for Kauai (nails, brows, chiropractor, finding local events to go to that I can blog about, etc. etc.). I got dinner at the new Sushi Lounge with my parents also and it was so good. Highly recommend the “Hawaii Five-Oh” roll. So now I just landed about 2 hours ago and can’t wait to do all the things I have planned!

Here’s some pics from the past couple of days:


^Can you feel the fear in my face in this pic orrr…hahaha #parentsturnedmyroomintoagym

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Tanning in November? I’ll take it.
Super random BUT, these wall fixtures in the girl’s house who I babysit for, i’m obsessed.

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^Pic from my insta of my wittle house I’ll be staying in while I’m in Kauai! ❤




On Saturday I went to watch my cousin, dad, and his friend in a Motocross race up in Glen Helen, CA pretty much all day. Mom packed the coolers of snacks, dad loaded the trucks with the bikes, and we were out the door by 5:30am.

It was an extra special day because we got to hang out with my uncle David Bailey who is a legit legend in the Moto world. He had a serious, and career-ending accident before a race about 25/30 years ago and hasn’t raced since. Let’s just say he was up there with the top pros back in his day winning nationally ranked supercross races and raced on the U.S. team. So he’s a pretty cool dude.

Anyways, last night was my last night housesitting for my grandparents up in Rancho and I am so excited to be back in PL.  This means I can be home to hand out Halloween candy to all the kiddos and get back into a normal routine. YESS. Genuinely miss tending to my garden and I can’t wait to get back to tutoring, being within reasonable distance of friends, and planning what’s next travel-wise. Really in the mood for a scary movie tonight so any recommendations i’ll consider! Also, has anyone else been seeing these unreal sunsets these past few weeks?! Bright pink skies almost every night.

Pics from the past few days:

Fresh pomegranates from my Grandparent’s tree!
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Golf course walks are my new fav

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Fail. Tried to get my dad in mid-air above my head haha
Coolest dad award goes to…


If you’re a part of the Martin family, you get this picture. #takeatearoff

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BLLA Conference!


Monday and Tuesday of this week I was gone for the Boutique & Lifestyle Leadership Symposium up in Santa Monica! The conference was filled with panelists and networking events, all of which revolved around the Boutique hotel industry. From emerging companies who are new and pushing the envelope, to CEO’s of well-known hotels/brands. I soaked up a lot of really good info within those quick 48 hours.

Main Takeaways:

  • Sustainable architecture and eco-friendly operations are going to be huge and continue to influence how a hotel is designed and built.
  • Authenticity is key. They couldn’t stress that enough!
  • Create a place out of not only what a guest would like, but what you personally would enjoy.
  • The wellness trend can officially be discarded as a “trend.” It’s currently one of the biggest factors a guest will look at before booking a place (is there a good gym, gluten free options, locally sourced food?, etc.)
  • Adding that personal touch and being genuinely hospitable will always be number one and keep people coming back.
  • The inner workings of any company (not just hotels) absolutely reflects onto the public. Create loyal employees, earn their trust, and make a good work environment= you’ll be golden.
  • Resumes are so 2015. Employers are looking at a person’s grit and work ethic. Have they put in the time rather than bounce around jobs constantly? Consistency + Hard Work.

My personal favorite speakers were:

BeFunky Collage.jpg

Robert Lowe: Extremely smart business man who couldn’t stress enough the importance of creating loyalty within the company and trust amongst employees + guests.

Kim Kessler Does all things wellness and PR for the Four Seasons- a job title I would enjoy having. She creates wellness retreats and brings in expert chefs and nutritionists that are current with the trends amongst the health world into the hotel.

Brian De Lowe of Proper Hotels is all about creating hotels that embody the culture of the locals and city they’re in. Trying to  get back to creating “proper” hotels that make you feel like you’re really being immersed in the local community when you stay which I liked a lot.

Raul Leal wants to grab the attention of anyone of any age or background with Virgin Hotels. Every aspect of their hotel screams cool and makes each person feel as though they’ve gotten customized treatment when they stay. Love that they have an app where you can order room service, extra pillows, make dinner reservations, etc. Very up and coming.

Jacquelyne Smyth is that girl you follow on Instagram always posting lavish pictures of herself in beautiful hotels in tropical locations. Well, she gets paid for doing so and says there’s actually a lot of work when it comes to creating the right content to reach the targeted audiences and also preached about authenticity…a reoccurring theme it seemed.

Julien Veyron of Light Human Hotels was actually the first panelist and one that stuck with me the most. He preached about everything sustainability-related as well as creating hotels that create meaningful experiences whether that means giving back to community, eco-friendly architecture, large community social lounges (think bean bag chairs and communal tables)– very very cool and definitely with the times I think.

Waaaay up in our room- eeeek.
Hotel view of the sunset before dinner ❤
Just trying to get that artsy brick-wall-with-mood-lighting pic ya know???

My mom and I stayed at: Hotel Angeleno

We ate dinner at: Tar and Roses (get their mushrooms and egg  dish- OHmygahd so so good)

BLLA 2016!


Monday, yay!

Thursday night my mom and I wandered around the Taste of Point Loma event at the San Diego Yacht Club where we sampled tons food and drinks from local restaurants and breweries. I ran in to my childhood bestfriend and another kid I went to lower school with which was pretty cool. And last night I had two girls (Hi Davis and Rees!) I used to babysit for back in the day, spend the night with me for a little slumber party. We baked pies, grabbed some Del Mar Pizza for dinner , played some tennis, etc. It was so much fun.


Today  I am heading to the Boutique and Lifestyle Leadership Symposium in LA! For a full two days I will be immersed in everything boutique-hotel and lifestyle related, then getting back late Tuesday night so I can continue housesitting for my grandparents.

If you didn’t already know, I graduated with a major in Hospitality and Tourism Management from the College of Charleston in South Carolina. When senior year came around I finally realized the niche in the hospitality industry that I was leaning towards which was the curated hospitality business, aka: Boutique Hotels. Think: The Pearl, Zero George, The Restoration, Grand Bohemian, or any Graduate/Edition hotels. I love the creative aspect of boutique hotels and the flexibility of the design as each one is typically built with their specific location in mind or maybe the history of the city is weaved into the architecture somehow, or something along those lines. You get the point. 

This conference will have various speakers from all around the U.S. to talk about what the future holds for the Boutique hotel industry. And seeing that I might want to build my own boutique hotel brand or business one day, I think this conference will be eye-opening and an amazing opportunity to get information from some of the top leaders within the industry! I’m pretty pumped. Stay tuned for pictures on all my social medias and another post come Wednesday. Follow along if you want!

Snapchat: amandaemartin 

Insta: amandaemartinn

Here are a few snapshots from this past weekend:

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Sunset in the bay before Taste of PL
Walks around the Rancho Santa Fe Golf Course ❤


Post pancake tennis matches yesterday mornin’