Recipe: Overnight Oats


My hands were itching for something to do in the kitchen when I arrived home a few days ago so I decided to makes these little parfaits to last me throughout the week. Some people asked me about them after I posted a picture of them on my Instagram story so I wanted to share with you guys what exactly went into these. overnight-oats

You can add pretty much anything to these (I added more blueberries and some bee pollen), but I would keep the base as is, just so the thick consistency isn’t thrown off. Time-wise, it took me about 10 minutes to make 6 of these in mason jars. Just make the base, add in the rest, pop the top on, and let them sit in the fridge overnight and you’re good to go! Easy peasy.SAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSC

Internet Things:

From this AM. Started a new book and I’m already hooked.

Living Longer: This stuff fascinates me. All about fasting and it’s benefits/link to living longer. I’ve always known about the people of Okinawa who tend to just casually live to be a century year old, and they follow a form of fasting, so I think they probably know whats up. Kinda want to do an entire separate post about this.

Health: People who drink two cups of this every day are 44 per cent less likely to develop liver damage caused by excessive drinking. Can you guess what it is??

Tech + Health: Fitness trackers may possibly detect early signs of serious illnesses. Whoever invents a high quality little gadget that can do such a thing, and do it well, is going to fill a niche market I think we need.

Get the scoop: Everything about Pea Protein and why you’ll be seeing much more of it.

Travel: 10 yoga retreats for 2017 around the world that look too good to be true. *Cough* 2 of them are in Kauai *cough.*

Get it off your chest, gurl: Gossiping is actually a pretty great thing with some legit benefits.


Kauai Food Diary

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Is this not the sexiest thing you’ve ever seen?

As the obsessive foodie I am, I always get curious about what people eat on a daily basis especially if they’re vacationing, traveling, etc. etc. Sooo I thought it’d be fun to share examples of what a normal day of eating looked like for me while I was in Kauai for a month, especially since I would constantly have the freshest produce at my fingertips. They don’t call it the Garden Island for no reason ya know…

Whenever I’m in hot weather/wearing bikinis all day/doing lots of physical activity constantly, my body naturally gravitates toward fresh fruits/veggies and smaller portions in general,  rather than super hearty large meals throughout the day. That’s just what works best for me, personally. I don’t get bloated/feel heavy throughout the day when I work with smaller portions. And most importantly, I don’t get hangry, which is usually one of my biggest downfalls. Just ask any of my family members 🙂 🙂

Biggest tips for eating well on vacation:

– Limited to no alcohol. (Seriously makes the biggest difference.)

– Portion control.

– Whole, unprocessed foods.


Breakfast is usually really light, sometimes I’d skip it because my 2 cups of coffee (with coconut oil/cashew milk) would fill me up with all those good fats. Since I’d workout around 9ish everyday I didn’t want a full belly of food before I jumped around and what not. Anyways, I always had at least two cups of coffee with a tablespoon of coconut oil + some cashew milk + cinnamon + Naikela botanical’s adaptogen powder. That combo gives me the best energy and actually keeps me pretty satisfied until around 11 or so. If I wasn’t working out though then normally it would be some fruit, specifically half a papaya or an apple banana with a spoonful of almond butter. Nature’s candy I swear. OR we’d grab acai bowls up the street. And I’d also sip on a tiny cup of kombucha for the probiotics and to get things moving if ya know what I mean…

Lunch would be right before we would head to the beach so I would just dip some turkey slices in hummus with some slices of avocado and then I’m good to go. Those are basically my three favorite foods by the way, so it’s super satisfying for me. If not that, or if I’m more thirsty/need something cold, then I’d go ahead and make a quick smoothie. Super easy and sooo so good.

Dinner was always salad (with cucumber, goat cheese, tomato, radish, onion, carrots, etc.) + some form of meat+ sometimes a side of either potatoes or another side veggie. My cousins would bake dessert every night of some sort, so I would have a bite or two of whatever they made. I’ve learned that depriving yourself only makes things worse so a little sugar is A-ok.

When we got back from the beach every day I’d have a snack around 3-4ish to hold me over before dinner and chill. It usually always consisted of something with hummus. I love hummus…Then around 5:30 we’d make drinks and watch the sunset, then eat dinner!

Some pictures to give you an idea:



Hey guys… 

Sunday Roundup

Happy Sunday! Been organizing (aka throwing bags on bags of crap/clutter out) all day. I’ve been in an extremely minimalistic mindset after reading this book and I definitely don’t hate it.

I can’t stop listening to The Chainsmokers new song “Paris” and “Repeat” by Allan Rayman. Also, my workout J.A.M. right now is  “Bun Up the Dance” by Dillon Francis. YOU GUYS it’s so good. It gets me through Kayla workouts so you know it’s legit.


Internet Things


Island Inspo: Every “inspiration” post by DesignLoveFest is so. goooood. And in honor of me heading home from Kauai on Friday I thought it was fitting.

Shop: Thank you Instagram sponsored posts for bringing me to the cutest online clothing shop. I’ll take these overalls, this coat, this dress and these heels plz.

Food: Possibly the new quinoa that’ll be sweeping the health nuts/foodies of the web?

Fitness: It’s all about Kayla Itsines these days and other Instagram fitness gurus, but I’ve been following this girl for a while now and really want to try her plan. I like how she’s veered more toward flexibility as being key…along with plyometrics/getting toned.

Travel: Ummm I’ll gladly book a $69 flight to Europe please and thank you.

Post-holiday: If you’re still in recovery from the excessive amount of holiday parties you went to, you should check out these tips (which include some of my favs: colloidal silver + adaptogens!). These guys know whats up.

Making: I don’t normally eat sandwiches, but this roasted carrot/sunflower seed spread sandwich needs to get in my stomach right now.

Wellness: CBD Oil

Recently I’ve been seeing more and more health and wellness articles about the benefits of CBD oil and the medicinal qualities it contains, sans the high. At first it comes off as controversial due to it’s link to marijuana and all that fun stuff, which is exactly why I wanted to do some digging. I hope to clarify what the hype is about and whether or not it is actually something worth looking into.


The bottom line, for those who may still be confused, is that CBD acts nothing like normal “weed” that you would smoke or ingest via edibles or something along those lines. CBD interacts with your body much differently and triggers different responses and affects the body in a more therapeutic and helpful way. It acts as a substance that allows the body to heal and relax without the crazy psych-inducing effects!

I definitely want to try some CBD patches, gum or oils and see if I notice any changes!

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Secret Beaches + Old Friends

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Excuse the radio silence yesterday. One of my oldest best friends and her boyfriend landed on the island Sunday night so I was spending most of the day with them yesterday! I met them at Poipu beach, then around 3 or so I took them to a hidden beach even I hadn’t been to yet. It was uuuunreal. Plus, the last time she was in Kauai was with me like 6 years ago which made it even more special!

I’m not sure why it took me so long to explore this hidden beach that I’ve known about since…forever? It wasn’t that difficult to get to and it was even better than I expected. Just goes to show that getting out of your comfort zone and exploring (even if you do it by yourself) is always worth it!

P.S. I’ll be doing a post on sun skincare soon (sunscreen, dark spots, after-beach routine, etc.) seeing that I’ve been in the sun a lot for the past month and kinda feel like I have a good little routine going for me. This is for anyone else who is or will be in the sun soon! ❤

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Sunday Roundup

Better late than never? Happy second sunday roundup of 2017!

This video below is absolute fire. OH, and Jojo Gomez and Jake from this video were recognized by Tinashe and actually ended up doing the music video for her song with THIS choreo. It’s so cool to see people you’ve followed for so long finally getting recognized!!

Forever bummed I never became a dancer. *crying*

Design Inspo: Notel

Sooo this is one of the coolest things I’ve seen in a while when it comes to hotels. This is a boutique hotel consisting of 6 vintage airstreams on a rooftop in Melbourne, Australia. notel_060916_02

It’s hard to even call this a hotel because of how unconventional it is. You check-in/out, and have access to your door via an app which I think we’ll be seeing a lot more of in the future and I personally really love. The interior design was influenced by late 70’s science fiction films and the exterior was influenced by Melbourne’s urban-city vibe that it’s so well-known for. Oh, and there’s jacuzzi’s. On my list for when I travel to Melbourne this March!!


Internet Things


Interior Design: (As seen above) I’m kind of really really obsessed with the interior design of this Istanbul Apartment. That wall paper!!

Health: This overlooked symptom of breast cancer is disturbingly easy to miss.

Travel: All about traveling solo in Australia (relevant because that’s what I’ll be doing!)

Diet: Hmm are we going to be seeing more of this diet trend in the future? Especially now that fat’s reputation has been improving over the past few years.

Need: This take home kit tests your genes, DNA variations, and your body’s reaction to food on a cellular level to create the best diet for you and your goals.

Explore: New York Time’s best places to travel in 2017. #1 is definitely on my list.

Watch: Wowowow. Check out this drone just cruising along the Swiss Alps. So mesmerizing ❤

Science: how smiling became a friendly gesture among us humans.

YUM: Recipe inspo with this cauliflower rice burrito bowl.