Sunday Roundup

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A lil slice of heaven in Kauai

Really happy about this week’s playlist roundup because:

  1. John Mayer’s new song is everythannnngggg
  2. Bruno Mars’s new song makes me super happy and I never listen to his music so that’s cool
  3.  I can’t stop listening to G-train by Pusha T. It is such a gem and I super randomly came across it which automatically makes it 10000x better.


Check out this cover of “You Are My Sunshine” by Chris Stapleton and his wife

and TBT to this because Gawddd dayum this song is everything and this duo couldn’t be any more perfect:


Internet Things


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Copper mug heaven shopping in Encinitas the other day.
Old but good article about why music makes us feel certain ways.

Flight attendants and the things they wish us peasants would stop doing on flights

Ever wonder why Hurricanes hit the East but not West coast?

The new toast? Hmmm

National Geographic’s take on our future with food featuring: aquaculture and sustaining our ever-growing world

And I’ll just leave you with this: