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1Dinner tonight is going to be something warm, and involving the bok choy that I received at my doorstep this morning. It’s currently in the mid 50’s in San Diego right now! Brrrrr

2 | Hanger is a very real thing. 3 words: blood glucose levels.

3 | Really really into using oils for removing makeup lately. My face doesn’t feel like it’s being stripped of the good stuff anymore and I go to bed with baby-butt level soft skin.

4 | I can’t explain my obsession with Apple Cider Vinegar enough. My mom thinks I’m a crazy person for taking a shot of it every morning. Now, it’s shown to have even more benefits if taken right before bed.

5 | “Soft Skills”- what are they, and tips on how to showcase them from a LinkedIn recruiter’s POV.

| Ummm dream bedroom. Think garden shed meets greenhouse meets magical fairy bedroom. I can just imagine waking up early to a foggy morning and sipping coffee watching that morning light come in. Ahhhhhh ❤

7 | Tom and Gisele’s chef gives the couples’ favorite recipes for superbowl Sunday.

| Don’t know if this is new, but ASOS now sells a tooonnn of active wear. Leggings are life so I love these and these, and thisssss sports bra! Also kind of digging this woven look for a workout shoe.

Fitness + Health “Journey”


I grew up playing sports and being outside all the time, so feeling good and treating my body well has always been really important to me since a young age.

I feel really lucky to have grown up playing soccer because it taught me a lot about being in shape and what it meant to fuel my body, correctly. I went through a calorie-counting phase and was unreasonably restrictive until I did my research  via online articles and Kimberly Snyder’s books (her glowing green smoothie was kinda the start of it all for me!) and eventually taught myself about good fats, bad fats, good calories, bad calories, learning that carbs aren’t the enemy, etc. etc.

It ultimately hit me that any disease/health-related issue truly starts with the diet. What you put into your body mirrors your outside (skin/hair/nails/energy levels/etc.). Your metabolism=an engine. It needs the proper food (fuel) to give you proper energy & function and be your best self! IT MAKES SO MUCH SENSE. Every time I put something into my body I ask myself: How does this food/drink help me to function better and thrive? 

 After soccer, running was always my go-to. But I’d never loved running so I started getting into yoga, bar method and TONS of walking. This was around my late high-school/early college years. Unfortunately, I was constantly self conscious about my “soccer” thighs so I wanted to try a different program. That’s when I came across Kayla Itsines and her BBG Program. Let’s just say I have never had a workout so transformative/difficult/addicting in my life. I have leaner thighs and actual abs now (like whaaa?!).

My current workout/food routine consists of:

  • Food: Mostly plant based, with maybe one meal with meat every other day. I’ve realized i feel better (and have regular bowel movements, sorry if that’s TMI) when I eat this way. If i’m craving some flank steak though, then obviously my body probably needs some iron or protein and i’m going to eat it!
  •  Exercise: Tons of long walks, interval sprints (15 minutes of off/on jogging and sprinting), and Kayla workouts via her app! I’ve never felt more strong in my life. Her website also has a ton of free workouts to kinda get your foot in the door like this one:


P.S.: Next time you’re reconsidering buying that $10 green smoothie or juice because of the price, think about how much you’re willing to spend on that martini at the bar… Why is it so much harder for us to invest in bettering our health and wellness, when we will easily drop 12 bucks on a drink at the bar? Weird, no?