Design Inspo: Wanda Cafe


In the heart of Madrid, Spain lies this ultimate cafe goals of Wanda Cafe. Just looking at the pictures alone of the place makes me want to go on summer vacay and sip on a green juice. And if Madrid is anything like the looks of this cafe then let’s just buy the plane ticket now, please.  I am a huge fan of any patterns with tribal/aztec inspiration (sup, New Mexico), plus as much as I love minimalism, I almost prefer lots of well-placed pops of color. That’s exactly what this cafe did so well in my opinion. They also made this place an Instagrammers dream, so even if the food isn’t that good or something, at least you’ll be drawing a crowd for the pictures alone. *Taking notes* 😉

Scenes from their instagram


Internet Things:

Scenes from the beach yesterday.

Science: more research coming out about how tweaking certain genes in mice ( and possibly even humans) is definitely capable of ‘reversing’ our age. Could you imagine??

Travel Tip: Staying on the right track during the holiday’s. I swear by #1.

Mental Health: Something my family and I are pretty passionate about; how medications are actually doing way more harm than we think.

Freshen up: The most commonly misused words in the English language.

Learn: what kombucha is and why you should drink it! Not to mention this was an interview from the CEO of my favorite kombucha brand, HealthAde.

Physical Health: Coconut oil and it’s weight loss benefits, specifically how it targets the belly area. Yes plz. I’ve been putting a Tbsp of it in my coffee every morning!

Energies: Gold, Red, and Green. Why these colors might have a lot to do with channeling your energy.

Travel: airport snacks you can actually get through security.

Beauty: FDA might be proposing a new regulation on lead levels in beauty products!


Design Inspo: The Ark Shelter


Unlike most designs of unique buildings/homes/spaces where most would like to stand out, the Ark Shelter in Belgium is trying to blend in and be one with nature as much as possible. Completely self-sustaining and eco-friendly. Pretty cool idea, and talk about minimalism…and that bed tho…*heart eyes emoji*

This is what the architect students had to say about the space:

“We are students of architecture, who put our heads together to rethink the way people live their fast and stressful lives. Today we witness a perpetual evolution of new technologies in the fast forward moving world. It is a never-ending story of daily pressure and continuous deadlines. We were thinking about a way to escape from our stressful lives and to get back to our roots. We believe people will find the break they need by bringing the nature back.”

“The philosophy behind ARK provides a place to live in the wild, back to basics. With the sides folding open, shelter takes in the landscape and becomes an extension of nature. Designed in a way of a low tech architecture, to let users a make effort, to feel a live and understand the rural way of life.”




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Happy Monday! Hope everyone is either on break or almost at their break for the holidays. I’m currently sipping my coffee looking out at the rainy weather outside our place in Kauai. It’s funny, I used to get depressed whenever it used to rain during Christmas time when we’ve been here in the past, but now I fully embrace it and actually love it! It’s so nice to see the island become so green, and you can smell the dirt (sounds gross but you know what I mean) and plants, etc. From San Diego where it never really rains, it’s always a nice change. Plus I can give my skin a break from the sun and write some posts for you guys! These past few days involved getting lots of Kauai Juice, going on a sunset cruise, seeing old friends, shopping, and celebrating my dad’s birthday! So far so good this trip. Can’t wait until the entire fam is all here ❤

Today my brother gets here all the way from NY!!! Can’t wait to see him. I’m probably going to shop for his Christmas gift at some point (p.s. why are brothers always so hard to shop for??), then head into Hanapepe to shop at Blu-Umi and find some goodies. Today is leg day which I feel like I should point out because I always dreaddd BBG leg days and it’s half of what I think about all day until I do it and it’s over haha. I die. But in a good way!

A few (a lot..) snapshots from the past few days:

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Mom and dad bein kewtttt

Design Inspo


Today’s inspo is coming all the way from Happy Valley, Hong Kong. This is a renovated 3 bedroom apartment inside of an old residential building. I’m obsessed with how they designed the rooms to be either really open and have the ability to seamlessly blend with the adjacent room, or if you need privacy you can make them into their own little nooks. And is this color palette not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?

The mixture of colors with the wallpaper in the living room + the pink couch + black framed sliding doors + the bubbly light fixtures, all somehow blend really well and give the apartment a personality of its own. I think the teal color behind that mirror is so bold and cool, I’m obsessed. Really makes me want to get my own place.


Internet Things


HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!! My family and I (aka: my uncle, grandparents, and my grandmas brother + his wife) are keeping it very low key by cooking up some fish, veggies, and then of course pumpkin pie from Costco because you gotta. My brother is in NY, sister is in London with her hubby, and my parents are back in California, so it’s pretty spread out this year. The fact that we are able to even go to/live in all of these places is just one of the trillion things i’m thankful for today. Have an amazing day!!

Different: This (pic above) California residency/enterprise is testing and redefining what “living spaces” mean to us and investigating what day-to-day living requires from us as people.

Health: This inflammatory ingredient, that you probably just drank from your almond milk latte this morning, has just  been banned from organic food! Hooray hooray!

Travel: think blue, steamy, freezing, muddy, chic…millennials top travel pick.

Food: All about the science (and history!) behind why salt and grapefruit are a great power couple in the world of food…and our taste buds.

Happiness: and it’s effects on improving brain function, processing info, and how you perceive the world. Really cool article.

Science: a gaming app that focuses on navigation skills which could potentially detect signs of early Alzheimers!

Creative: this artists creates illustrations out of the shadows of random objects.

Eat: this vegan thanksgiving challenge is genius and kinda blew my mind. Watch the video, too!

Lately/Design Inspo

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Lately: It’s been a rainy (making this island even more magical) past few days in Kauai but I’m loving it. Although I had a little bit of FOMO the first two days I arrived, I realized how lucky I am and how zen and healthy I feel when I’m here. On Sunday I helped unload the crate full of furniture/art/dish ware into my Grandparents’ new house which was exhausting but I’m so pumped I get to be one of the first people to see it really come to life! A few snapshots from the past few days:

SAMSUNG CSC Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

The never-ending crate…

SAMSUNG CSC Processed with VSCO with c1 presetimg_7208Processed with VSCO with c1 presetSAMSUNG CSC


Design Inspo: Since my goal is to open up my own boutique hotel one day that revolves around wellness and sustainability, when I came across this boutique hotel in Bali I fell in looovee.

Their vibe: psychedelic surf rock, modern, tropical luxury, sustainability, with a side of take it easy, man. What more could you want, ugh.

The Slow,  Canggu, Bali

“Located at the crossroads of surf breaks, rice paddies, the mystical hills of Ubud, and cosmopolitan Seminyak, guests can choose to peace out or go play.


Check out their instagram to get a better sense of their vibe. I’m seriously in love with it.

Design Inspo

Does anyone else find that most wellness retreats, or maybe just retreats in general, tend to be situated in the most amazing locations/buildings? I know most of them are in Bali or Thailand or some other exotic place so that already makes it that much cooler, but I’m talking about the actual buildings and design of these spaces. Always so airy, and nature-based it’s hard not to like it even if it’s not your style.

I was looking at a few and found this  Sekeping Tenggiri Retreat in Bangsar, Malaysia. I love the unfinished + treehouse + slightly modern look that makes this place stand out so much. Brick, plus an over abundance of foliage is the perfect match in my opinion



Internet Things


Awesome: The picture above is one of the many animal mouths you can hang in, made by South African designer, Porky Hefer.

Personal Well-being: How to increase your emotional intelligence. My dad doesn’t do so well with channeling other people’s emotions too well so may i’ll show him this haha

Making: This pumpkin ravioli YUM. Going to be good for those days when I need something a little heartier and warming.

Watching: New movie trailers for upcoming movies! I cannot wait for La La Land with Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling.

Health: This company just made oil-pulling officially cool. And cute…

Take me here:  This amazing pool in Switzerland. Looks so heavenly and the architecture reminds me of Iceland’s Myvatn Bath’s.  Chlorine free, too!

Architecture: A London Brownstone’s renovation into a contemporary and sustainable living community.

Design Inspo

I’ve realized that i’m SUCH a visual person. I love looking at beautiful pictures almost as much as listening to music. Almost… nothing beats music though, ever. So naturally, when i’m browsing tons of design websites or pretty architecture, it seriously soothes my brain and makes me soo happy hahaha. Hence, today i have a seriously stunning boutique hotel in China that I came across.

Bamboo Courtyard Teahouse


I’m all about the boutique hotel industry in that you can implement the local culture into the design and immerse the guest in that. And that’s exactly what they did here:

Tea is one of China’s most precious cultural heritages and has remained popular for thousands of years. A traditional Chinese tea ceremony requires an unassuming setting in order to appreciate its lengthy process. The bamboo courtyard provides the ideal surroundings for this experience, emphasizing the underlying importance of design and architecture. “

Super cool.


Imagine how good the morning and evening light is in this place! The shadows from the bamboo and lines of the building must make this place look