Design Inspo: Notel

Sooo this is one of the coolest things I’ve seen in a while when it comes to hotels. This is a boutique hotel consisting of 6 vintage airstreams on a rooftop in Melbourne, Australia. notel_060916_02

It’s hard to even call this a hotel because of how unconventional it is. You check-in/out, and have access to your door via an app which I think we’ll be seeing a lot more of in the future and I personally really love. The interior design was influenced by late 70’s science fiction films and the exterior was influenced by Melbourne’s urban-city vibe that it’s so well-known for. Oh, and there’s jacuzzi’s. On my list for when I travel to Melbourne this March!!


Design Inspo: Wanda Cafe


In the heart of Madrid, Spain lies this ultimate cafe goals of Wanda Cafe. Just looking at the pictures alone of the place makes me want to go on summer vacay and sip on a green juice. And if Madrid is anything like the looks of this cafe then let’s just buy the plane ticket now, please.  I am a huge fan of any patterns with tribal/aztec inspiration (sup, New Mexico), plus as much as I love minimalism, I almost prefer lots of well-placed pops of color. That’s exactly what this cafe did so well in my opinion. They also made this place an Instagrammers dream, so even if the food isn’t that good or something, at least you’ll be drawing a crowd for the pictures alone. *Taking notes* 😉

Scenes from their instagram


Design Inspo: The Ark Shelter


Unlike most designs of unique buildings/homes/spaces where most would like to stand out, the Ark Shelter in Belgium is trying to blend in and be one with nature as much as possible. Completely self-sustaining and eco-friendly. Pretty cool idea, and talk about minimalism…and that bed tho…*heart eyes emoji*

This is what the architect students had to say about the space:

“We are students of architecture, who put our heads together to rethink the way people live their fast and stressful lives. Today we witness a perpetual evolution of new technologies in the fast forward moving world. It is a never-ending story of daily pressure and continuous deadlines. We were thinking about a way to escape from our stressful lives and to get back to our roots. We believe people will find the break they need by bringing the nature back.”

“The philosophy behind ARK provides a place to live in the wild, back to basics. With the sides folding open, shelter takes in the landscape and becomes an extension of nature. Designed in a way of a low tech architecture, to let users a make effort, to feel a live and understand the rural way of life.”



Design Inspo


Today’s inspo is coming all the way from Happy Valley, Hong Kong. This is a renovated 3 bedroom apartment inside of an old residential building. I’m obsessed with how they designed the rooms to be either really open and have the ability to seamlessly blend with the adjacent room, or if you need privacy you can make them into their own little nooks. And is this color palette not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?

The mixture of colors with the wallpaper in the living room + the pink couch + black framed sliding doors + the bubbly light fixtures, all somehow blend really well and give the apartment a personality of its own. I think the teal color behind that mirror is so bold and cool, I’m obsessed. Really makes me want to get my own place.