Sunday Music Roundup

Hello helloooo!

Today I’m going to the Mens U.S. soccer game against Serbia and I am SO pumped. I’ve never watched a live professional game before so it should be pretty fun. I’ve got a prettty good playlist this week if I do say so myself, and if you want to see my workout/pregame/chill/summer/etc. playlists just check out my Spotify. I’m a music-aholic and update these probably way too often but they’re my little pride and joys so check ’em out!

“Surefire” by John Legend is so good. Found it via his live performance of it below. Missy Elliott’s new song is so badass, as well as Kendrick Lamar’s “m.A.A.d city.” I’m obsessed. And then again, Kehlani’s new album just came out, I mentioned this in my last post but I’m really into it so far.

See you guys mañana ❤

Sunday Roundup

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Hope everyone’s weekend flew by a little slower than mine seemed to. From Lady Antebellum to 3LAU, I’ve got a pretty odd roundup today. Straight up cannot stop listening to Electric by Alina Baraz. I swear you guys, blasting this in my car with this rainy weather and cruising the cliffs with a coffee in my hand (important detail) these past few mornings before the day gets going, is my idea of meditation/yoga/whatever you want to call it. Puts me in the best mood + headspace.

Gonna be catching up on the status of my future travel schedule/general personal stuff tomorrow so stay tuned.


Sunday Roundup

Happy Sunday! Been organizing (aka throwing bags on bags of crap/clutter out) all day. I’ve been in an extremely minimalistic mindset after reading this book and I definitely don’t hate it.

I can’t stop listening to The Chainsmokers new song “Paris” and “Repeat” by Allan Rayman. Also, my workout J.A.M. right now is  “Bun Up the Dance” by Dillon Francis. YOU GUYS it’s so good. It gets me through Kayla workouts so you know it’s legit.



It’s 2017!!!


Very optimistic and extremely excited for what’s to come this year for me. Travel, relationship, and career-wise it should be prettyyyy damn good. I don’t like the idea of me turning 23 (w.t.fff) or the fact that shit starts to get real in my little adult life but I can’t WAIT. I just want to be constantly busy and feel fulfilled in everything I do! This will be the year of saying “yes” to more things.

I celebrated my grandma’s birthday for new year’s eve last night and then basically went to bed hahaha. Almost went to a party but the fact that Kauai has no ubers and I only knew like 2 people that would be there I thought naahhhh. Sleep + not being hungover is more fun as of lately. Anyone else??

Have a great day, guys and happy January 1st, 2017!!

Long overdue Sunday Roundup:

Music Roundup

Here’s a late music roundup for ya. I’m thinking of making a playlist of some of my top workout songs as well in the future so look out for that! OR I might just link my Spotify workout playlist (because it’s pretty extensive) on the blog somewhere so you can always go back and check it out whenever. I’m constantly adding new stuff to it.

Favorites from the list would have to be a close tie between “Broken English” by Youngblood and “Jungle” by Tash Sultana

^^If you don’t know Us the Duo yet, then check out some of their music. Cutest couple ever with amazing musical skills.


Internet Things


Design Inspo (above^)This unbelievably cool hostel in Valencia, Spain is design goals. I might have personally done some things different but overall everything seems to works really well together.

Welcome to the future?: With the population predicted to rise by over 2 billion by 2050, more food companies are looking to produce “fake” meat to keep up with future demands.

Wellness: I love Well + Good’s wellness trend list they come up with every year in prediction of the year to come. Number 3 will definitely be interesting to watch, while number 9 I’m pretty sure I’ve been doing for years…

Business: From taking away your credibility to discouraging your employees and their loyalty, why trying to be a people pleaser is the wrong strategy to take as a boss.

Tech: I straight up almost just bought myself 20 things from this list of 50 extremely useful tech accessories that would be perfect little gifts or presents for this holiday season.

Health: A really extensive but useful guide for conquering your next hangover.

Because we all use it: Everything that will get you banned from using Uber.

Music: umm new favorite website?! I’m all about finding the newest/coolest music so this is pretty amazing.

Sunday Roundup

Personal fav. on the playlist: John Legend’s new song Love Me Now. It took a while for me to warm up to it but now I can’t stop listening to it.

I’ve followed/had a crush on Brian Puspos since I was in high school because everything he creates is gold. I love his dance style and he just has that “cool” factor that I can’t stop watching.

Sunday Roundup

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A lil slice of heaven in Kauai

Really happy about this week’s playlist roundup because:

  1. John Mayer’s new song is everythannnngggg
  2. Bruno Mars’s new song makes me super happy and I never listen to his music so that’s cool
  3.  I can’t stop listening to G-train by Pusha T. It is such a gem and I super randomly came across it which automatically makes it 10000x better.


Check out this cover of “You Are My Sunshine” by Chris Stapleton and his wife

and TBT to this because Gawddd dayum this song is everything and this duo couldn’t be any more perfect: