Sunday Roundup

Happy Sunday! Been organizing (aka throwing bags on bags of crap/clutter out) all day. I’ve been in an extremely minimalistic mindset after reading this book and I definitely don’t hate it.

I can’t stop listening to The Chainsmokers new song “Paris” and “Repeat” by Allan Rayman. Also, my workout J.A.M. right now is  “Bun Up the Dance” by Dillon Francis. YOU GUYS it’s so good. It gets me through Kayla workouts so you know it’s legit.


Music Roundup

Here’s a late music roundup for ya. I’m thinking of making a playlist of some of my top workout songs as well in the future so look out for that! OR I might just link my Spotify workout playlist (because it’s pretty extensive) on the blog somewhere so you can always go back and check it out whenever. I’m constantly adding new stuff to it.

Favorites from the list would have to be a close tie between “Broken English” by Youngblood and “Jungle” by Tash Sultana

^^If you don’t know Us the Duo yet, then check out some of their music. Cutest couple ever with amazing musical skills.


Sunday Roundup

Personal fav. on the playlist: John Legend’s new song Love Me Now. It took a while for me to warm up to it but now I can’t stop listening to it.

I’ve followed/had a crush on Brian Puspos since I was in high school because everything he creates is gold. I love his dance style and he just has that “cool” factor that I can’t stop watching.

Breaking News, Music Lovers:

On November 17th, John Mayer is releasing either:

a. A new Album


b. A new single

And if you are as in love with his music as I am, then you’ll know that he hasn’t released anything since 2014. SO YES, THIS IS BREAKING NEWS. So so excited and about.damn.time!

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Sunday Roundup

I wish I had more time to really browse some music sites these past few days and find some better gems BUT a few songs are better than none so here you go! I’m actually really into Lady Gaga’s new Shania Twain vibe…

…also, Drown is such a chill/zen song I could see being played in a good yoga class (Hi Katie hehehe)