Wellness: The Nut Butter Breakdown

Almond butter slathered on top of crisp apple slices or a little peanut butter swirled into my hot morning oatmeal are some of my favorite things to eat. Nut butters are everywhere these days and have been clearly growing in popularity within the food world. You’ve got peanut, almond, sunflower, cashew, and even brazil nut and hazelnut butter. Pretty much put any nut/seed into a food processor and you’ve got             butter. Since the most relevant and well-known right now are almond, sunflower and peanut, I’m going to break them down for those who want to know more about their basic nutrition and how exactly you are feeding your body next time you eat one of them below. Honestly I was really curious because I’d never known the real difference either, so here we are haha.


The consensus

All of these guys, especially sunflower seed butter, contain good, monounsaturated fats. These are great for lowering bad cholesterol while raising the good, and they are amazing for overall brain + cognitive function since our brain is mostly made up of fats. In regards to which one is the best for you overall health-wise, I’d say it just depends. All of them have healthy amounts of protein, fat and carbs, along with other things such as Vitamin E and selenium, just different amounts depending on the butter. Personally, I believe Almond butter to be overall #1 because of it’s percentages of magnesium, calcium, and iron, while also maintaining the pretty similar levels of fat and calories with the other two. Taste-wise, the winner hands down goes to sunflower seed butter.

Remember: When you buy your next nut/seed butter make sure to buy it in it’s most pure form. Aka: little to no additives. Those tend to sneak in there among certain brands and it just adds to the calorie/sugar intake that you didn’t ask for!


A Few Hours in: Oceanside

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Zen-ing out in my grandparents front yard ❤

It is currently so SO beautiful outside, birds are chirping, 75 degree weather, an acai bowl in my belly…. Monday is off to a good start i’d say.

I was housesitting for my grandparents again from Thursday through Sunday and had a hair appt. in Carlsbad on Friday, so I decided to check out Oceanside a little bit since I was near the area! I never travel up this way unless I have to be somewhere so it was fun to do some exploring.


^ Sidenote: If you ever need a hair cut/color/extensions/etc. Go see my cousin Jenni at Head for Change in Carlsbad. She honestly does the best job out of anyone i’ve been to AND she donates a percentage of the services to certain charities from all over the world. Pretty cool stuff. 

As per recommendation from Jenni, I headed over to Revolution Roasters for my favorite kind of afternoon sweet treat: a Lavender Latte ❤ The cafe is your basic, very clean, kinda industrial-looking, trendy coffee shop, with a cute “coffee shop” neon sign. I love neon signs.

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Then right next door I saw another  cute coffee shop, and THEN realized it was attached to a sick vintage store! YAS. I ended up buying a “midnight rider” t-shirt for like 15 bucks and pretty good quality. Can’t wait to wear it with booties, jeans, and a leather jacket.

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetAfterwards I found (and proceeded to buy) to-go nut butter packets from another cute shop down the street. Pretty damn genius. Idk why i’ve never seen them before or thought of the idea but i’m obsessed now. fullsizerender

I strolled the beach with my coffee before heading back to Rancho for a minute because it was too beautiful not to. And number 9 is my lucky number so I had to get the shot…

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