Catchin’ Up

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This past week/weekend was another good one, and when you have a good weekend, it makes the week ahead just a little bit better. Not that I have anything extremely stressful on my plate right now, but still…The soccer game yesterday was so fun (although extremely hot) and kind of nostalgic to be honest. I definitely need to join an intramural team when I’m back from Australia. My friend actually ended up being really sick throughout the game (we might have pulled over once on the way home…) and it turns out she has the flu. We assumed it was just an extreme case of a hangover or something but nope nope. I felt soo so bad you guys.

I ended Sunday watching the sunset with my parents, where we were able to see perfect outlines of both San Clemente AND Catalina it was so friggin clear. If you live in SD, you know how rare that is. Love me some santa ana weather. I later watched Mad Max for the first time before bed (don’t know why) and I don’t recommend it. Not that it was super bad or anything but just a very very weird movie…ANYWHO, this week will be spent making sure I didn’t catch anything and staying hydrated AF. Wish me luck!

Things to look forward to this week:

I’m grabbing coffee with a girl from Brisbane (my first stop in Australia) on Friday who’s going to give me a few pointers/recommendations which I’m excited about. Apparently her parents live right outside the city! Tomorrow my parents leave for a month in Antarctica, leaving me in charge of the house and some business-related tasks I’ll be doing for my dadI’m going to make it a point this week to head to the North Park Farmer’s Market on Thursday to pick up some goods and maybe grab drinks and tacos at Lucha Libre with a friend. Their entire theme/aesthetic is hilarious, plus they serve their nachos inside a mini boxing ring so that’s an entire argument to go right there.

Some snapshots from the weekend:

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Love/hate relationship with Kayla Itsines.

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Sunday Music Roundup

Hello helloooo!

Today I’m going to the Mens U.S. soccer game against Serbia and I am SO pumped. I’ve never watched a live professional game before so it should be pretty fun. I’ve got a prettty good playlist this week if I do say so myself, and if you want to see my workout/pregame/chill/summer/etc. playlists just check out my Spotify. I’m a music-aholic and update these probably way too often but they’re my little pride and joys so check ’em out!

“Surefire” by John Legend is so good. Found it via his live performance of it below. Missy Elliott’s new song is so badass, as well as Kendrick Lamar’s “m.A.A.d city.” I’m obsessed. And then again, Kehlani’s new album just came out, I mentioned this in my last post but I’m really into it so far.

See you guys mañana ❤

Sunday Roundup

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Hope everyone’s weekend flew by a little slower than mine seemed to. From Lady Antebellum to 3LAU, I’ve got a pretty odd roundup today. Straight up cannot stop listening to Electric by Alina Baraz. I swear you guys, blasting this in my car with this rainy weather and cruising the cliffs with a coffee in my hand (important detail) these past few mornings before the day gets going, is my idea of meditation/yoga/whatever you want to call it. Puts me in the best mood + headspace.

Gonna be catching up on the status of my future travel schedule/general personal stuff tomorrow so stay tuned.



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Cats lives though…

Hello hellooo!

Today is going to consist of getting last-minute christmas shopping in, nails done, eyebrows waxed (they’re full on caterpillars right now), and tutoring all done before we leave tomorrow for Kauai for a few weeks!!

This weekend was spent with some friends at Stone Brewing, grabbing some drinks in Little Italy, and trying to get over this cold. It’s pretty much 90% gone now so thank gawd it’s out of the way before christmas. I also spent Friday baking something that you’ll be seeing on ze blog this coming Friday so woop woop! Other than that though, it was a pretty uneventful week over here, just sort of laid low. There was a commercial being shot in our front/backyard though which is always exciting (got some free kale plants out of it lolz), and I did get a crown on my tooth which was super duper fun…

Can’t wait to get back to the health grind (aka no drinking plz) and workout grind. AND I can’t wait to see all the family together in one place again!! It feels like it’s been so so long.

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Sunset from Stone was on fleeeeek.

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One of my best friends from highschool, Maddie! ❤img_7510



Updates + I’m in Kauai!

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Unreal sunset the other night on the SD bay

Hi hi hi! Just to keep you updated: I’m in Kauai for the next two weeks so get ready for more posts to come involving everything Island-related!

This past weekend was a whirlwind. I subbed in for a friend of a friend to play in an intramural soccer game and lemme tell ya, I’ve never been so sore in my life. I forgot about all of those weird muscles (hi abs) that you have to use and took for granted when I was younger! Or maybe I’m getting old? Wompp.  Met some really cool people, too. Thinking about joining at some point so yay! Then that night and Saturday, I hung out with a bunch of old friends and we went out to Pacific Beach and had a friggin blast. I forgot how fun socializing can be, guys!! (If you know me, you know I’m such an introvert/homebody…)

Monday consisted of me tutoring and getting stuff done before leaving for Kauai (nails, brows, chiropractor, finding local events to go to that I can blog about, etc. etc.). I got dinner at the new Sushi Lounge with my parents also and it was so good. Highly recommend the “Hawaii Five-Oh” roll. So now I just landed about 2 hours ago and can’t wait to do all the things I have planned!

Here’s some pics from the past couple of days:


^Can you feel the fear in my face in this pic orrr…hahaha #parentsturnedmyroomintoagym

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Tanning in November? I’ll take it.
Super random BUT, these wall fixtures in the girl’s house who I babysit for, i’m obsessed.

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^Pic from my insta of my wittle house I’ll be staying in while I’m in Kauai! ❤




On Saturday I went to watch my cousin, dad, and his friend in a Motocross race up in Glen Helen, CA pretty much all day. Mom packed the coolers of snacks, dad loaded the trucks with the bikes, and we were out the door by 5:30am.

It was an extra special day because we got to hang out with my uncle David Bailey who is a legit legend in the Moto world. He had a serious, and career-ending accident before a race about 25/30 years ago and hasn’t raced since. Let’s just say he was up there with the top pros back in his day winning nationally ranked supercross races and raced on the U.S. team. So he’s a pretty cool dude.

Anyways, last night was my last night housesitting for my grandparents up in Rancho and I am so excited to be back in PL.  This means I can be home to hand out Halloween candy to all the kiddos and get back into a normal routine. YESS. Genuinely miss tending to my garden and I can’t wait to get back to tutoring, being within reasonable distance of friends, and planning what’s next travel-wise. Really in the mood for a scary movie tonight so any recommendations i’ll consider! Also, has anyone else been seeing these unreal sunsets these past few weeks?! Bright pink skies almost every night.

Pics from the past few days:

Fresh pomegranates from my Grandparent’s tree!
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Golf course walks are my new fav

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Fail. Tried to get my dad in mid-air above my head haha
Coolest dad award goes to…


If you’re a part of the Martin family, you get this picture. #takeatearoff

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Internet Things

Hi hi! I was going to do a post on the conference today, but I wanted to make sure it was good quality and not too overwhelmed with all of the info that was poured onto (into??) me during those two days. It was so inspiring and really confirmed for me that my passion does lie within the boutique hotel and wellness industry.

But for now, onto all things internet!

Watch: Kings of Leon covers Selena’s “Hands to Myself.” I personally think it’s better than the original.

Get Inspired: A photographer’s kick-starter called: “Street Vendors from Above” documents the vibrant colors and life of the Vietnamese street vendors with photos taken from a birds POV. Sooo pretty i’m obsessed!!

Travel: This year, Icelander’s will be outnumber by tourists. Not surprised one little bit seeing that the local horses already outnumber them by a landslide.

Wellness: Legit reasons why you should sleep naked.

Design Inspo: Anyone else obsessed with Bri from Design Love Fest and her funky style??? I love all of these bedroom interiors.

Omg: Did anyone else hear about Anthony Bourdain’s new project?!! This market is going to be insane with 100 vendors from all over the globe, and of course it’ll be in NY because where else.

Pop Culture: most popular halloween costume predictions for 2016. I have a feeling we’ll be seeing number 48 everywhere.

Cute: This guy creates child-like illustrations that anyone can relate to <3. I like these:


Garden Update

So if you remember, I kinda gave a sneak-peak of the vegetable garden I had just planted about 3 weeks ago in my backyard. With a total of 4 plant beds and the freedom to plant whatever I wanted, I decided to saturate a full bed with beet seeds, and the other 3 with: lettuce, chard, kale, onions, and peas. I did a little bit of research beforehand and these came up as the best for transitioning into the fall/winter seasons. It also helps that my dad’s job revolves around landscaping so he gave me a few pointers.

SO, this here is the before pic…

…and 3 weeks later!

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Baby beets sprouting!!! I feel like a proud mom haha
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Look at dem peas growing!
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Bottom left of this pic is where all those caterpillars are eating my kale #sadface #buttheyresocutesoicantbetoomad

I water them every other day, sometimes Batman (our cat) will come down and help me, along with the 3 GIANT garden spiders I casually walk into on the daily… The peas and chard have been growing really quickly, a little faster than the others I think. One of the key things I did to help the plants adapt was really water the beds the day before I planted anything. That way I wasn’t just plopping these little babies into soil that would suck the life right out of them.

The only issues I’ve had are these little baby green caterpillars that are going after my kale like there’s no tomorrow. Shout out to mom for helping me pluck them off everyday, holla. I need to find an all natural repellant or something…don’t coffee grinds act as a repellent or something like that? Or maybe fertilizer?…idk idk I’ll do some more research and get back to ya.

OH, and yesterday I added more lettuce and kale AND I planted some cauliflower (oh helllz yes) and celery!! I’ll give you another update on those in a week or so.

Happy Friday, peeps!


HEY MONDAYYY. I plan on doing a lot of exploring around town this week and planning for upcoming road trips/Thanksgiving in Kauai with my grandparents! I’m also tutoring a girl I used to babysit starting tomorrow so that will be fun. Wish me luck since I can’t even remember the last time I gave thought to ancient Egyptian empires…

Anyways, here are some highlights from the past week while my sister and Blair (her hubby) were in town!

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Vegan pumpkin cookies I stole from this recipe. Pumpkin puree made them sooo moist and good ugh. img_6649

No filter needed for this sunset the other night.

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Bracelets from my grandma at lunch the other day because she knows how much I love anything silver and turquoise! How pretty are they??? Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Sunset the other night after the OB Farmer’s Market


Birthday lunch for Katie at Crudo in The Village at Pacific Highland Ranch! I had their lobster soup and it was so good. Not extremely filling but had a lot of flavors (and bread to dip into it…).


After my post-wisdom teeth check-up my mom and I got smoothies before heading to Costco at Juice Alchemy down the street. I got the “Natural High” (sans agave) and it was really good.  Almond butter + vanilla = amazing combo. I like thicker smoothies anyways so it was perfect!

We went to the Air and Space museum as well as the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center in Balboa Park on Friday (bragging moment: it was named after my great great grandpa who founded Consolidated Aircraft which was a major key in WWII!). Fun fact of the day??


This was Saturday night, K&B’s last day 😦 Family tradition of ours since I was a baby to drive to the college campus up the street and watch the sunset in Dad’s truck.

It was such a good end to the week and just reassured me of how lucky we are in so many aspects. Family + health + happiness is keyyyyy. Have a great week!!

Exploring North Park

Happy Hump Day!

Since being home, I haven’t really explored what’s new around San Diego so it’s fun that my sister is here to do a little exploring with me!! 2 days ago Katie, mom and I drove up to North Park to grab some lunch and do some shopping. Apparently North Park is the new happenin’ spot!

First things first: coffee! We grabbed some nitro brew + lavender lattes from Holsem Coffee. They had hazelnut milk here!


Afterwards we drove to Pigment to do some browsing and drooling over everything about the store. It reminded me a lot of something DesignLoveFest would design/be into!


Those succulents though……
A cute little photo booth area ❤
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Outside the shop. An instagrammer’s dream wall.

After Pigment, we drove to Cafe Chloe for lunch! I had the bisque and two soft boiled eggs (only thing on the menu I could eat because wisdom teeth….). Mom and Katie had the frisee salad. Really cute little restaurant with an outdoor sitting area.