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Scenes from the beach yesterday.

Science: more research coming out about how tweaking certain genes in mice ( and possibly even humans) is definitely capable of ‘reversing’ our age. Could you imagine??

Travel Tip: Staying on the right track during the holiday’s. I swear by #1.

Mental Health: Something my family and I are pretty passionate about; how medications are actually doing way more harm than we think.

Freshen up: The most commonly misused words in the English language.

Learn: what kombucha is and why you should drink it! Not to mention this was an interview from the CEO of my favorite kombucha brand, HealthAde.

Physical Health: Coconut oil and it’s weight loss benefits, specifically how it targets the belly area. Yes plz. I’ve been putting a Tbsp of it in my coffee every morning!

Energies: Gold, Red, and Green. Why these colors might have a lot to do with channeling your energy.

Travel: airport snacks you can actually get through security.

Beauty: FDA might be proposing a new regulation on lead levels in beauty products!


Wellness: Aspartame


Does it puzzle anyone else why people still choose to drink diet drinks?? (Not to mention normal soda, too) Like it genuinely baffles me! Even after all of the research that is put out there and the studies that have shown us that the term “diet” in front of any food or drink, is straight up fooling you.


If you’re looking to sweeten a drink, it’s always better to go the natural route. Your body will recognize it more than these artificial chemicals that it doesn’t know how to process! Anything sweet in general should always be taken in moderation of course. If you’re ever confused about what to use, just ask yourself which one is the most nature-derived. The more closely a product is sourced from nature/plants/the earth the better it will be for you and easier for your body to process. Plus some even have health benefits such as honey and it’s inflammatory-fighting powers for example.


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Internet Things


HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!! My family and I (aka: my uncle, grandparents, and my grandmas brother + his wife) are keeping it very low key by cooking up some fish, veggies, and then of course pumpkin pie from Costco because you gotta. My brother is in NY, sister is in London with her hubby, and my parents are back in California, so it’s pretty spread out this year. The fact that we are able to even go to/live in all of these places is just one of the trillion things i’m thankful for today. Have an amazing day!!

Different: This (pic above) California residency/enterprise is testing and redefining what “living spaces” mean to us and investigating what day-to-day living requires from us as people.

Health: This inflammatory ingredient, that you probably just drank from your almond milk latte this morning, has just  been banned from organic food! Hooray hooray!

Travel: think blue, steamy, freezing, muddy, chic…millennials top travel pick.

Food: All about the science (and history!) behind why salt and grapefruit are a great power couple in the world of food…and our taste buds.

Happiness: and it’s effects on improving brain function, processing info, and how you perceive the world. Really cool article.

Science: a gaming app that focuses on navigation skills which could potentially detect signs of early Alzheimers!

Creative: this artists creates illustrations out of the shadows of random objects.

Eat: this vegan thanksgiving challenge is genius and kinda blew my mind. Watch the video, too!

Internet Things



Wellness: (above) NASA’s newly released list of the best air-cleaning plants you should start putting into your home/office.

Wanderlust-ing: If I ever make it to this area of New Zealand I need to try to check this place out. Their retreats look so nice, too!

Science: Exciting news about stopping Alzheimer’s from gong haywire.

Lol-ing: LIFE magazine reminding us that we have come a long way…

Making: this pumpkin tart that reminds me of all of those raw cakes you see on all those healthy food blogs/sites. Kind of a unique and healthier take on pumpkin pie!

Dang: this is going to be the first city to allow people to use marijuana in bars and restaurants woah.

Health: I love this article on exactly why fats 100% don’t make you fat and counting calories is so misleading.

 “The misinformation that has been pushed on our population by the food industry and our government, which is that all calories are the same- that’s true in a laboratory, when you burn them. It’s not true when you eat them.”