Wellness: Colloidal Silver

The best part about these Wednesday Wellness posts for me is that I get to learn so.much. just by putting together these mini FAQ’s for you guys. This one was super fascinating for me and I seriously learned so much with all the research I did haha.

So, my dad and mom are big fans, and have been using colloidal silver ever since I can remember. Dad would always say, “just put some colloidal silver on it” whenever I had a scrape or infection or something along those lines and I was like ehhh hell no. Silver?! BUT as you’ll see below, this stuff is legit. It’s been used around the world for centuries and of course, the U.S. is the last to adopt a tried and tested medicine alternative…

I decided to really look into it recently and wanted to get the word out since I think people shouldn’t continue to be afraid of the stuff! Read read read!:


Looking to buy some?

This one and this one looked pretty promising.

Side Note: I got all of my information from these websites/articles!: