Design Inspo: Wanda Cafe


In the heart of Madrid, Spain lies this ultimate cafe goals of Wanda Cafe. Just looking at the pictures alone of the place makes me want to go on summer vacay and sip on a green juice. And if Madrid is anything like the looks of this cafe then let’s just buy the plane ticket now, please.  I am a huge fan of any patterns with tribal/aztec inspiration (sup, New Mexico), plus as much as I love minimalism, I almost prefer lots of well-placed pops of color. That’s exactly what this cafe did so well in my opinion. They also made this place an Instagrammers dream, so even if the food isn’t that good or something, at least you’ll be drawing a crowd for the pictures alone. *Taking notes* 😉

Scenes from their instagram



Christmas Eve dinner with the squaaaddd.

I think my family might win the award for most untraditional + zero f’s given of them all…and I love it.

Thanksgiving was in Kauai, not even with my whole family…where we gladly just ate fish and veggies and went to bed early.

Christmas was in Kauai with the whole fam. No Christmas tree or anything, just gifts on the porch. The rest of the day was spent soakin’ up the sun on the beach with everyone. 

New Years will be rung in with my sister and her hubby here in Kauai with some new friends. Probably going to a bar for some drinks and the countdown. 

Super super chill and I wouldn’t want it any other way. The holidays will always be the holidays despite the lack of super traditional events for us because as long as the whole gang is together, that’s honestly all that matters! I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas, traditions or not, because as long as you find what you’re grateful for each year then that’s all it really comes down to. ❤

Pictures of what I’ve been up to lately:

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And from yesterday, an early birthday present to my grandma: a 3.5 hour ATV ride through mud and rain because isn’t that how most grandmas celebrate their birthdays?

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If you ever want an epic ATV ride with amazing views (think locations from: Jurassic Park, The Descendants, Pirates of the Caribbean, etc.) then check out Kipu Ranch Tours. Super cool tour guides and epic scenery.

Lately: Last Day in Kauai

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Today’s my last full day here on the island until Christmas comes around. Despite coming back so soon, it’s never fun to have to leave this place! I’m sitting on our porch, watching the little waves at baby beach break and the wind non-stop howling all around me. There’s been crazy trade winds, plus the surf has been huge the entire time, which means winter is definitely upon us over here…

Yesterday was spent at the beach all day watching the locals surf the massively terrifying waves and getting my last bits of tanning in (unless I decide to go for a little while today but I think my skin would hate me). I’m going to finish up this coffee I’m currently sipping on then head over to Anake’s Juice bar to grab an acai bowl because I haven’t had one this entire time and I’m craaaving it. For dinner, my grandparents, uncle and I are going to Kalaheo Cafe tonight as one last hurrah before leaving in the morning.

On another note, I cannot wait for Mammoth on Thursday!! I’m going to be at a friends cabin with a few other peeps from Thursday through Sunday and it’s going to be so so fun. This means I won’t be home basically until Sunday but that’s alright. I also haven’t gone skiing since I was like 8 so it’ll be interesting to say the least. Anyways, here are some shots from the last couple of days:


Sneak-peak from my Grandparent’s new place we’ve been working on these past two weeks!
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Little Fish Coffee in Hanapepe ❤

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^ALSO, GUYS, I’m obsessed with a brand I somehow just discovered. They’re called: LACAUSA clothing and they have tons of beautiful silk pieces and just really pretty dainty feminine pieces. I need this top, or these silk pants (above), like asap. Processed with VSCO with c1 presetimg_7329Processed with VSCO with c1 presetIMG_7317.jpgIMG_7291.jpg

Internet Things



Wellness: (above) NASA’s newly released list of the best air-cleaning plants you should start putting into your home/office.

Wanderlust-ing: If I ever make it to this area of New Zealand I need to try to check this place out. Their retreats look so nice, too!

Science: Exciting news about stopping Alzheimer’s from gong haywire.

Lol-ing: LIFE magazine reminding us that we have come a long way…

Making: this pumpkin tart that reminds me of all of those raw cakes you see on all those healthy food blogs/sites. Kind of a unique and healthier take on pumpkin pie!

Dang: this is going to be the first city to allow people to use marijuana in bars and restaurants woah.

Health: I love this article on exactly why fats 100% don’t make you fat and counting calories is so misleading.

 “The misinformation that has been pushed on our population by the food industry and our government, which is that all calories are the same- that’s true in a laboratory, when you burn them. It’s not true when you eat them.”

Design Inspo

Does anyone else find that most wellness retreats, or maybe just retreats in general, tend to be situated in the most amazing locations/buildings? I know most of them are in Bali or Thailand or some other exotic place so that already makes it that much cooler, but I’m talking about the actual buildings and design of these spaces. Always so airy, and nature-based it’s hard not to like it even if it’s not your style.

I was looking at a few and found this  Sekeping Tenggiri Retreat in Bangsar, Malaysia. I love the unfinished + treehouse + slightly modern look that makes this place stand out so much. Brick, plus an over abundance of foliage is the perfect match in my opinion