It’s 2017!!!


Very optimistic and extremely excited for what’s to come this year for me. Travel, relationship, and career-wise it should be prettyyyy damn good. I don’t like the idea of me turning 23 (w.t.fff) or the fact that shit starts to get real in my little adult life but I can’t WAIT. I just want to be constantly busy and feel fulfilled in everything I do! This will be the year of saying “yes” to more things.

I celebrated my grandma’s birthday for new year’s eve last night and then basically went to bed hahaha. Almost went to a party but the fact that Kauai has no ubers and I only knew like 2 people that would be there I thought naahhhh. Sleep + not being hungover is more fun as of lately. Anyone else??

Have a great day, guys and happy January 1st, 2017!!

Long overdue Sunday Roundup: